What do Wiper Jets do?

Parts in a windshield wiper, including wiper jets.

If you have ever driven on a rainy day, you probably know what the windshield wipers do. Attached to those are your wiper jets. Between cleans, your car’s windscreen will become dirty. The wiper jets (or windscreen washers) allow you to clean your windscreen while driving, improving visibility and safety. Sometimes, the wiper jets can become blocked or damaged, resulting in reduced effectiveness. Below are some causes of a malfunctioning wiper jet.

Common Reasons for Wiper Jet Failure

Blockage or clogging in the nozzle: Sometimes objects such as dirt or stones may become stuck in the nozzle, reducing or completely blocking off the flow of water. The object(s) will need to be removed before the wiper jets can function correctly again.

Damaged washer pump: There is a small pump that pressurises the water so that it can spray onto your windscreen. Sometimes, this pump can become damaged due to faulty electrical connections or extended use.

Blown fuse: A blown fuse can stop the pump motor from functioning. This means that no water will spray onto your windscreen. If you can’t hear that sound of the pump when trying to use the wiper jets, check your fuse box.

If you are unsure what might be causing the failure and want to do some troubleshooting, check here to see if you can work out the source of the problem.

If you are having trouble with your windscreen wipers and not the wiper jets, check here. Or, you can also see how to replace them yourself and top up your wiper fluid.

Why should you get your wiper jets repaired?

The primary reason you should always have functioning wiper jets is for safety. When driving, there are a number of things that might fly onto your windshield that block visibility. If you get dirt, bugs, bird droppings, or any number of things outside, you need fluid to clear them with your windshield wipers. If your windscreen jets are not working, the fluid might not come out, which puts you at risk on the road. Full visibility is integral to road safety. You will also want to make sure your wiper jets are working for aesthetic reasons, as your windscreen can collect debris making it look dirty. While you are thinking about your wiper jets, you might look into some of the best-reviewed wiper jets and fluids to keep your windshield looking sparkling clean.

Windscreen Wiper Jet Repair in Hamilton

Whether it’s the replacement of the pump, fuses or removal of debris, our skilled mechanics can quickly fix all issues. This will allow for your wiper jets to function correctly again. For reliable wiper jet repair in Hamilton, contact Grimmer Motors today.


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