Why did your parking brake cause you to fail a Warrant of Fitness?

A corroded parking brake cable can cause your car to fail its WOF.

Your parking brake (often referred to as a hand brake, foot brake, or emergency brake) is an important safety component. It secures your car when it is parked to prevent it from moving or causing an accident. It also acts as a secondary brake in the event that your primary brakes cease to work. For these reasons, the condition of the parking brake must reach a certain standard for your car to pass its Warrant of Fitness.

Below is a list of common reasons that parking brakes do not pass a Warrant of Fitness inspection:

Parking brake in need of adjustment – The most common cause of hand/parking brake WOF failure is often the need for brake adjustment. This often happens if it is sitting too high or too low.

Problems with the parking brake lever – The parking brake lever is what is used to apply the parking brake. This often comes in the form of a hand brake or foot brake. You may fail a Warrant of Fitness if:

  • The parking brake lever is loose or insecure.
  • The parking brake lever has excessive travel (moves too far up or down)
  • The mechanism or mounting is damaged in a way that the lever’s usability is affected.

In the above cases, a parking brake lever adjustment or replacement will be necessary in order for your car to pass its Warrant of Fitness.

Problems with the parking brake cable
– The parking brake cable is what connects the parking brake lever to the parking brake shoes or disc brake pads. Damage to the parking brake cable can affect this connection, causing the parking brake not to apply properly. Reasons for the parking brake cable failing a Warrant of Fitness include:

  • A snapped parking brake cable, which severs the connection between the lever and brakes.
  • Excessive knotting, fraying, or corrosion on the parking brake cable.
  • Other forms of deterioration that can affect parking brake performance.

If the parking brake cable is corroded or damaged, it will need to be replaced for your car to pass its Warrant of Fitness.


Parking Brake Adjustments, Replacements & WOF Work in Hamilton

Has your car failed its Warrant of Fitness due to a parking brake problem? If so, we can help! At Grimmer Motors, we can fix all sorts of parking brake faults. Whether it’s a parking/hand brake adjustment, damaged cable, damaged hand brake lever, or problems with the braking components themselves, we are happy to help.

Problems with the parking brake can make your car prone to rolling, especially when parking on steep hills. The opposite issue can also occur where the brake becomes stuck and the car becomes difficult to drive. If you have parking brake issues, act quickly to reduce further damage and keep your car safe.

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