What is the purpose of car servicing?

A car service allows mechanics to perform a thorough examination of your car, topping up fluids and performing basic maintenance tasks on your vehicle.

A service will also consist of an oil and filter change plus a through check of all vital vehicle systems. This will keep your car’s and its engine in good condition. 

Regular servicing will improve the lifespan and value of your vehicle by ensuring that various parts function correctly.


When should you service your vehicle?

If your vehicle is displaying dashboard warning lights, driving differently or showing other symptoms of damage, it might be a good idea to get your vehicle serviced. This will allow mechanics to thoroughly inspect your vehicle for problems. 

If your vehicle appears in good condition, it is still a great idea to get a service at least once a year. An oil change is recommended every 10,000 km and will improve the health of your engine, allowing the vehicle to last much longer. A service will also allow mechanics to identify small issues and treat them before they cause bigger problems.

It is common for drivers to get services when they get their Warrant of Fitness. This saves the hassle of taking your vehicle into the mechanics twice. 


Why service with Grimmer Motors?

If you feel your car is due for a service, bring it to Grimmer Motors! We have been providing reliable, high-quality vehicle services to Hamilton since 1934. This makes us the oldest vehicle servicing outlet in the city!

Below are some reasons many of our customers choose us:

  • We use high quality, manufacturer recommended oils and filters. This allows for new vehicles to get their service without breaching their warranty conditions.
  • As part of your service, we can perform a diagnostic scan (worth $90) on your vehicle (if it is compatible). This lets us quickly dashboard warning lights and track the health of your engine between services. You will receive a detailed printout of your electronic test.
  • Your car will come out of its service looking cleaner than ever. Our services include a free car wash, tyre shine, dash polish, and interior vacuum.

Our servicing packages allow you to choose the level of service that best suits your vehicle. For reliable, affordable, high-quality car servicing in Hamilton, contact Grimmer Motors today!


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