About Turbine Speed Sensors:

Turbine speed sensors use magnets to determine the revolutions per minute (RPM) of your engine. They produce a small AC value which is used in automatic cars, power-train control modules (PCM) to help determine when to change gear. Turbine speed sensors work along side vehicle speed sensors to improve your engines efficiency and tell the driver of the car what RPM and speed their car is currently at. There are usually an output and input Turbine speed sensors for more accurate RPM calculation.


Turbine Speed Sensor

How serious is a damaged Turbine speed sensor:

If a car turbine sensor fails, it may have a effect on the cars performance. This could include, lower fuel efficiency and mileage plus a less smooth gear change, or the car may go into limp mode, meaning it may stay in say second gear to protect itself.



The most common fault code for turbine speed sensors is P0175. This fault code is related to the communication between the cars electronic control module (ECM) otherwise known as the PCM (Power-train control module) and the transmission control module (TCM). If the TCM doesn’t get a value in between the range RPM or speed of values set by the manufacturer, the transmission will not be able to read the RPM causing this fault code.


Possible causes of the fault code: 

– Bad Wiring – This is a common problem with a lot of car electronics. Frayed wires, poor connection, and shorts or open circuit can all cause turbine sensors to no work.

– Damaged turbine speed sensor  – If the sensor itself is damaged this will cause the fault code to appear.

– Damaged vehicle speed sensor – Vehicle speed sensors are closely linked to turbine speed sensors, so this fault code may also appear if the vehicle speed sensor is damaged.


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Symptoms of a damaged turbine speed sensor:Check Engine

– Check Engine light This will turn on if the car computer cannot detect or detects a faulty turbine speed sensor.

– Failure to change gears (Automatic) – If this code is displayed, your car may not be able to detect the turbine speed sensor and may not be able to change gear accurately.

– RPM not working – If the RPM display does nothing or shows incorrect values when you are driving or revving your car, it could be because of a faulty turbine speed sensor.



Vehicle turbine sensor replacements in Hamilton:

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