What is a tyre pressure monitoring system?

The TPMS warning light.

The tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS) is an electronic system designed to monitor the air pressure on each of your car’s tyres. A functional tyre pressure monitoring system will alert the driver when tyre pressure is low. This means that the driver will know when to add air to the tyres, resulting in decreased tyre wear and improved fuel economy and driver / passenger safety. There are two main types of tyre pressure monitoring systems. These are called direct and indirect.

In a direct tyre pressure monitoring system, tyre pressure sensors read the pressure levels on each tyre, then sends this information to the driver via a reading on a gauge or a simple low-pressure warning light (if tyre pressure is low).

In an indirect tyre pressure monitoring system, no sensors are used. Instead, the rotational speed of each tyre is monitored to determine tyre pressure. These measurements are based on the fact that under-inflated tyres have a smaller diameter than fully inflated tyres. Indirect TPMS systems measure pressure relative to your last pressure adjustment, meaning they need to be reset with every correct adjustment of tyre pressure.


Causes of a faulty tyre pressure monitoring system:

Dead batteries in tyre pressure sensors – The tyre pressure sensor may have stopped working due to a dead battery. Most tyre pressure sensors have small batteries inside them which typically last 5-7 years.

Corrosion in valve stems – In some cases, the tyre pressure sensors can become corroded inside or around the valve stem. This can cause the vlave stem to crack and become loose, potentially damaging surrounding components and resulting in your car needing a tyre replacement

TPMS is not reset properly – Indirect TPMS systems need to be reset every time tyre pressure is restored to the correct level. If the system is not reset, you may experience inaccurate readings. 
Resetting the tyre pressure monitoring system >


Symptoms of faulty tyre pressure monitoring system:

Incorrect readings – Your tyre pressure gauge may show incorrect or inconsistent levels. If your car has a tyre pressure warning light, it may turn on at the wrong times. 

Visible corrosion on sensors – Upon examining the sensors, they may appear corroded and/or loose. 


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