About Mass Air Flow Sensors:

A Mass airflow sensor or meter is an important component in fuel injector systems, designed to help with fuel injection. The mass airflow sensor is positioned on the air intake and measures the density of air coming in through the air intake. The mass airflow sensor provides the engine ECU (Electronic Control Unit) with constant flow of air density readings. The engine ECU uses these to calculate the right Air to Fuel ratio to be injected into the combustion chambers. This helps to ensure the best fuel efficiency and exhaust emissions.


How serious is a damaged Mass Air Flow sensor:

If you have a damaged mass airflow sensor and decide to drive with it, it could damage the expensive catalytic convertor in the exhaust and other engine components. It is likely to also reduce your fuel economy and car performance noticeably.

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The most common fault code for Mass Air Flow sensors is P0101. This fault code appears when the values from the mass airflow sensor are out of range. This basically means there could be no reading at all, meaning the mass airflow sensor is totally dead. Or there could be some out of range readings that indicate that the mass air flow sensor or circuit is faulty. Some possible causes of this fault code include:

– Bad Wiring –  due to constant movement, plus heating and contracting wires can short out, go open circuit, wear, break or come lose. This would mean the mass airflow sensor would not functioning properly and the P0101 fault code would appear.

– Failed mass airflow sensor – if your mass air flow sensor has failed from a mechanical or electric fault you will get this fault code.

– The sensor wire – Some mass air flow sensors have a sensitive wire that measures the air density. This means if the sensor wires are damaged or break your mass air flow sensor will be deemed faulty or broken and you may get the fault code.

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Symptoms of a damaged mass air flow sensor:Check Engine

– Check Engine light This will turn on if the car computer cannot detect or detects a faulty mass air flow sensor.

– Stalling & Bad Idling – If your car doesn’t idle well, or stalls, it could be because of a faulty mass air flow sensor

– Low Power – If you find your vehicle doesn’t run very well under load due to lower power, this could be because of a bad mass airflow sensor.

– Bad Fuel Economy – If you seeming to be using fuel far more quickly it could be because of a faulty mass airflow sensor.


Car Mass Airflow Meter replacements in Hamilton:

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