What is an intake manifold runner control?

New intake manifold runner control Hamilton

The intake manifold is an important part of your car’s air intake system. It delivers air into each cylinder head port, allowing proper combustion to take place inside of the engine.

The intake manifold runner control (IMRC) is a unit attached to the manifold on many modern vehicles. It controls several valves inside your car’s intake manifold, which opens and closes in order to provide a constant level of air pressure in the intake manifold.

Problems with the intake manifold runner control can result in your engine not receiving the right amount of air. Since air needs to be mixed with fuel for correct combustion, a damaged manifold runner control can lead to incorrect combustion and decreased engine performance.


Symptoms of a damaged intake manifold runner control:

A damaged IMRC can cause a range of problems, some common symptoms of a damaged IMRC include:

  1. Reduced engine power: A damaged IMRC can cause a restriction in the air flow to the engine, resulting in a loss of power and a decrease in performance.
  2. Rough idle: A damaged IMRC can cause the engine to idle roughly and may even stall.
  3. Check Engine Light: A damaged IMRC can trigger the check engine light to turn on, indicating an issue with the engine’s air intake system.
  4. Poor fuel economy: A damaged IMRC can cause the engine to run lean, meaning there’s not enough fuel and too much air, which can reduce fuel economy.
  5. Reduced throttle response: A damaged IMRC can cause a delay in the throttle response, making the engine feel less responsive.
  6. Hissing or whistling noise: A damaged IMRC can cause a whistling or hissing noise to come from the intake manifold, indicating a problem with the vacuum system that operates the IMRC.

It is important to note that these symptoms can also be caused by other issues, and a proper diagnosis from a professional mechanic is needed to determine the root cause and take the appropriate action. A damaged IMRC can cause serious problems if left unchecked, including engine damage, so it’s important to address the issue as soon as possible.


Intake Manifold Runner Control Repairs & Replacement in Hamilton

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