What is the Idle Air Control (IAC) valve?

The idle air control valve is an important engine component found in most cars. Its role is to increase and decrease engine idle speed so that your car can idle smoothly regardless of operating conditions.

The idle air control valve is usually located in the engine’s intake manifold. It is controlled by the engine’s control module, which adjusts idle levels depending on a variety of factors such as engine temperature, mass air flow and engine load.

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Symptoms of a faulty / stuck Idle Air Control (IAC) valve:

Due to excessive oil and carbon build up and high levels of heat, the idle air control valve can block up, stick and wear over time and eventually stick and stop working correctly. A broken idle control valve will need to b either cleaned (if possible) or you may need a new idle air control valve in order for your car to drive correctly. When the idle control valve fails, you may notice the following symptoms:

Varying idle speeds – A failing idle air control valve can result in inconsistent idle speeds. This means that your car will idle more roughly than normal, with louder engine noise and varying RPM. Normally the engine should idle at the highest level when the car is first turned on when the engine is cold. Depending on the idle air control valve fault the engine could idle too fast even when the engine is hot. If the car has an automatic transmission then this high idle speed can make it difficult to put into gear and you have to keep your foot on the brake when stationary otherwise the car tries to drive forward by itself.

High fuel consumption – if you idle air control valve is faulty and causes your engine to rev too high constantly at idle, then your engine will use extra fuel, costing you more money, and putting out more harmful green house exhaust emissions,

Check engine light is on – Since the idle air control valve affects the levels of air in your engine, a faulty idle control valve can trigger the sensors in the engine and cause the check engine light to turn on.

Increased stalling – When the idle air control valve is damaged, your car will be much more prone to stalling, especially while at idle. This can be very dangerous in heavy traffic such as traffic lights, give way signs, pedestrian crossing, compulsory stops, and roundabouts, as other drivers may not be able to react in time to your car stalling and accidentally hit your car! 


New Idle Air Control (IAC) Valve or Diagnostics, Cleaning and Replacement in Hamilton

Is your car engine in need of a new idle air control valve? Or do you need us to diagnose the problem with your engine idle, and possibly fix the problem by cleaning the idle air control valve? If so, we can help!

At Grimmer Motors, we excel at idle air control valve, diagnostics, testing, cleaning, and servicing. This means that we can diagnose and replace your car engine idle air control valve. This will prevent rough idling and allow your car to run properly at all times. 

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