What is the car yaw rate sensor?

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Your cars yaw rate sensor is a safety component the is present in newer cars. The role of the yaw rate sensor is to detect when your car is tilting too far in one direction. When the yaw rate sensor detects that your car is tilting, changes are made to your car’s traction and stability control systems to prevent the car from tipping or sliding on the road. 

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The yaw rate sensor is usually located near your car’s onboard computer (or ECU). However, in some cars, it can be located near the fuses. Although the yaw rate sensor is designed to last the life of your vehicle, it can break or malfunction and cause problems.


Symptoms of a faulty or damaged car yaw rate sensor:

Reduced stability control – It is important to note that if you drive safely, the yaw rate sensor should never have to turn on. A broken yaw rate sensor will not protect your car from tilting or sliding excessively in dangerous situations. If you notice your car is more prone to tilting, you should get the yaw rate sensor checked. 

Unusual stability control behavior – A faulty yaw rate sensor can cause erratic behavior of the stability control system. You may experience unusual or inconsistent operation of the stability control when turning, accelerating, or braking. The system may engage unnecessarily or fail to engage when needed, impacting the vehicle’s handling and stability.

Steering problems – A damaged yaw rate sensor may provide incorrect readings to the stability control system, causing the system to apply brakes or adjust wheel speed incorrectly. This can result in steering wheel vibration, pulling to one side, or an overall unstable feeling while driving.

Traction control light is on – The traction control light will illuminate when a problem is detected in your car’s traction control system. A faulty yaw rate sensor can send incorrect signals to the traction control system, resulting in the light turning on consistently, or intermittently.
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Check engine light is on –  The check engine light may also illuminate if the yaw rate sensor is functioning incorrectly. If your car has a more advanced diagnostics system, it may state directly that there is a problem with the yaw rate sensor via the car fault codes and live data.
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Is it safe to drive with a faulty yaw rate sensor?

Driving with a faulty yaw rate sensor is not recommended, as it can compromise the vehicle’s stability and safety systems. The yaw rate sensor plays a crucial role in determining the vehicle’s rotational movement and providing inputs to the stability control, traction control, and ABS systems. A malfunctioning yaw rate sensor can lead to unpredictable behavior in these systems, affecting the vehicle’s handling, stability, and braking performance.


Yaw Rate Sensor Repair & Replacement in Hamilton

Is your car’s yaw rate sensor in need of a replacement or do you need yaw rate sensor diagnostics? If so, we can help you by diagnosing your car’s yaw rate sensor and installing a new yaw rate sensor in your car if requried. 

At Grimmer Motors, our qualified and skilled mechanics can quickly and accurately diagnose problems in your car’s traction control and electronic stability control (ESC) system. This includes problems with the car yaw rate sensor. If our diagnostics shows the yaw rate sensor is faulty, we can remove the old one and install a new yaw rate sensor for improved safety.

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