About car sun visors:

Sometimes, the sun can shine directly in your eyes while driving which can limit your view of the road and the surroundings. This blinding affect of the sun can lead to accidents if you are not careful. The purpose of a sun visor is to prevent the sun from blinding you while you are driving.

A sun visor is an important interior component located above your car’s windscreen. Some sun visors feature lighting and mirrors. Many sun visors are rotatable, meaning you can block the sun from entering your car from the window.


Staying safe when driving facing the sun:

Follow these tips to reduce the risk of an accident when driving facing the sun:

  • Rotate your car’s driver side  sun visor to block as much of the sun as possiblle
  • Wear sun glasses where possible
  • If possible try to avoid driving times where you are driving  directly into the rising or setting sun (try to avoid driving east at sun rise or west at sun set to avoid sun strike)
  • Don’t be afraid to take your time, or pull over if necessary until the blinding sun have moved from being a problem. Just be careful to pull far enough off the road to avoid other drivers hitting you as they may also be blinded by the sun
  • Keep an eye on the road markings.
  • Keep your windscreen clean to reduce glare.

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Installing a new sun visor in your car:

There are several reasons you may want to install a new sun visor. You may have bought a second-hand car and they sun visors have failed a Warrant of Fitness WOF, or you may want to replace your current sun visor with a different one, giving your car’s interior a unique style and features.

If the electrical parts in your sun visor are not working, be sure to check that your car’s fuses are not blown.

If your sun visor has electrical parts and wiring, it is best to get it replaced by a mechanic. This is because extra care needs to be taken not to damage these electrical components, and to make sure electrical parts are compatible. 

A working sun visor that stays in a position you move it to is a legal requirement to pass a Warrant of Fitness / WOF. If your car’s driver side sun visor or passengers side sun visor is loose and won’t stay up or where it is positioned then it is likely your car will fail the Warrant of Fitness (WOF).

New Car Sun Visor Replacement in Hamilton

At Grimmer Motors, we can remove and replace your car’s sun visor. This can allow for increased vehicle safety and comfort, especially when driving in the evening or early morning.

Alternatively, the hinges that hold the sun visor can crack or become damaged. We can sometimes repair or replace these hinges, allowing the sun visor to sit and adjust correctly.

For sun visor installation and replacement in Hamilton, contact Grimmer Motors today!


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