What does the starter motor do?New starter Motor Hamilton NZ

Located to the rear of your engine, the starter motor is an important part of your car’s ignition system. When you turn your car keys, the starter motor rotates (or cranks) the engine. allowing air and fuel to be pulled in and combustion to start.  Once combustion begins, the engine is able to use the produced power to operate on its own. 

A healthy starter motor will help your car to start every time. However, a damaged or faulty motor can lead to difficulties getting your engine to turn over. 

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Causes of a faulty starter motor:

Failed internal component – Over time, the components inside the starter motor such as the bearing, armature and brushes can eventually fail. This will result in your car’s engine not being able to start when you turn your keys. 

Faulty solenoid – The solenoid is responsible for sending an electrical signal to the starter motor when the keys are turned. If the solenoid fails, it will need to be replaced in order to restore functionality to the starter motor. 

Bad wiring – Sometimes, a malfunctioning starter motor/solenoid can be caused by a poor electrical connection. If you have a poor earth connection, the solenoid will operate, but the starter motor will absorb all the current flow and shut off the solenoid. This will cause your car to make a clicking noise upon attempting to start. 


Symptoms of a failing starter motor:

When the starter motor is beginning to fail, it will often display a few symptoms. These include the following:

Difficulty starting your car – A failing starter motor will often make it harder to turn your engine over. Your car may require multiple attempts to start or the engine may not start at all. In some cases, the starter will engage, but not turn the engine at all. 

Sometimes the starter motor becomes intermittent and you have to try the key several time before the engine will start. Sometimes you have to tap / hit the starter motor in order to get your car to start, which can indicate worn out starter motor brushes.

Grinding noises when starting car – A worn starter motor gear can create a grinding noise when it turns the engine flywheel. This can cause damage to the flywheel over time, meaning it is important that the problem is fixed sooner rather than later. 


New Starter Motor Installation & Replacement in Hamilton

Is your car in need of a starter motor replacement? If so, we can help! At Grimmer Motors, we can install a new starter motor into your car for you. This will allow it to start without any problems. 

Problems with your starter motor are often difficult to diagnose. This is because the starter motor consists of a variety of components that produce similar symptoms when they are not working correctly. Fortunately, our skilled mechanics can quickly diagnose the problems, making repairs simple, fast and stress-free.

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