All about car mirrors:

In New Zealand, it is a legal requirement for your car to have a functioning right mirror and rear-view mirror. If it doesn’t, you will risk failing your Warrant of Fitness. Car mirrors are also very important to your safety, as they allow you to see your surroundings while driving. 

Despite the left mirror not being a legal requirement, it is always handy to have, especially if you regularly parallel park your vehicle. It also allows you to see what’s in the lane to your left while driving. 

A lot of modern cars have digitally controlled mirrors. This allows the driver to adjust the positioning of the mirrors from the inside of their vehicle. It also allows the mirrors to fold in so that they aren’t damaged in tight parks. With this functionality comes more electrical components which are prone to eventually failing. When this happens, the mirror may become stuck and unadjustable.


Causes of damaged car mirrors:

Below are some of the most common causes associated with damaged car mirrors:

Car mirror is not moving:

The car side mirror (also called car wing mirror) are either manual-controlled or electrically controlled. In an electrically-controlled mirror, you may not be able to adjust it if there is a problem with:

  • the car side / car wing mirror car fuse
  • car side / wing mirror control switch
  • damaged car wing mirror / car side mirror wiring
  • damaged mechanical or electrcial components in the car wing mirror / car side mirror
  • a faulty body control module that controls the car wing mirror / car side mirror (for some cars).

Physical damage to mirror:

Physical damage can result in your car’s wing / side mirror glass cracking, of the whole car side  / wing mirror housing falling off or becoming bent. In most cases of physical damage, the mirror will need to be replaced with a new or second hand one.

Damaged mirror control switch:

The mirror control switch is what you use to adjust the mirrors from inside the vehicle. An electrical fault can cause it to fail, preventing you from being able to adjust your mirrors.


Car Mirror WOF Requirements

In order to pass a Warrant of Fitness, the mirrors on your car may meet the following rules:

  • The mirror is securely mounted to the vehicle and isn’t at risk of detatching
  • The mirror isn’t corroded or dirty
  • The mirror is able to sufficiently provide a clear view of the car’s surroundings
  • The mirror isn’t modified in a way that affects its operation

Learn more about car mirror WOF requirements


New Car Side Mirror Installation in Hamilton

Is your car in need of a side or wing mirror replacement? If so, we can install a new one for you. Our mechanics can examine your car mirror(s), determining what the fault is and replacing components if necessary.

Functional car mirrors have many practical uses while you are driving. They allow you to see your surroundings without having to turn your head. For this reason, they are an important safety component and shouldn’t be neglected. They are also vital to passing your Warrant of Fitness.

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