What is the car side / wing mirror control switch?

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As its name suggests, the car mirror control switch is used to control your car’s mirrors, giving you a better view of your surroundings. In most cars, the mirror control switch is located below the steering wheel, or in the centre console. Sometimes, the mirror control switch sits on the drivers-side door.

How should your car mirrors be adjusted?

When the directional buttons are pressed on the mirror control switch, the built-in car side mirror motor will pivot the car wing mirror in your selected direction. This will allow you to adjust the car side mirrors for the best view possible. Any damage to the car side / wing mirror control switch motor, fuse or wiring can stop the car side mirror from working correctly. In this case, a car wing / side mirror control switch repair may need to take place.

Should you drive with mirrors that are stuck?

Mirrors are an important tool that allow you to assess your surroundings as you drive. If the mirrors are stuck in a position where you can’t see through them, we recommend taking things slow and allowing time to turn your head and manually check for incoming traffic. You may also want to take extra care while parking, especially if you rely on mirrors to gauge distance.


Causes of broken car wing / side mirror control switch:

Damaged switch – The car side / wing mirror control switch can become loose, damaged or stuck. This can cause it to not work correctly.

Blown fuse – Like most electrical components in your car, the side mirror control switch is protected by a fuse. If the fuse blows, the wing / side mirror control switch will stop working.  
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Worn motor – The car side / wing mirror motor can become worn after extended use, resulting in the side / wing mirror controls not working correctly. Wear may occur more quickly if you press the directional switches when the car side mirrors are already at the limit of how far they can turn. 

Damaged wiring – If problems occur in the wiring, the electricity may not be able to reach the car wing mirrors, resulting in the switch not working.

Symptoms of a faulty car side / wing mirror control switch:

Car Mirrors not moving – Problems with the car side mirror control switch can prevent the wing mirrors from moving at all.

Car Mirrors struggling to move – A faulty car side mirror motor or switch can cause the car mirrors to become stuck, or struggle to move past a certain point.


Other reasons the car mirrors aren’t moving:

There could be several reasons why your car’s mirrors cannot be adjusted. Here are a few common possibilities:

  1. Physical obstruction: It’s possible that something is obstructing the movement of the mirrors, preventing them from adjusting. This could be debris, ice, or even damage to the mirror housing.
  2. Physical damage to mirror(s): Damage, wear and sudden impacts can cause the power mirrors to become stuck in one position.
  3. Software or electronic control module issue: In some modern cars, mirror adjustment is controlled by the vehicle’s electronic control module (ECM) or body control module (BCM). If there’s a software glitch or malfunction in the module, it can cause the mirrors to stop working.


Car Side Mirror Switch Repairs & Replacement in Hamilton

Is your car’s side or wing mirror switch in need of a replacement, diagnostics or repair? If so, we can help!

At Grimmer Motors, we can provide diagnostics, repairs for your car side / wing mirror switch or perform a car mirror switch replacement. This will allow the car wing / side mirror switch to function correctly, improving the view you have of your surroundings. 

For new car side mirror control switch installation and repair in Hamilton, contact Grimmer Motors today!


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