What is a car engine manifold temperature sensor?

Manifold Temperature Sensors in Hamilton

The car engine manifold temperature sensor is an electronic sensor that is located inside your car’s intake manifold. Its role is to measure the temperature of the air as it enters the intake manifold. It then sends this information to your vehicle’s onboard computer (or ECU). Many times there can be a separate air intake temperature sensor in the Mass Air Flow meter to measure intake air temperature as well. 

Your car’s ECU uses data provided by the manifold temperature sensor in order to adjust levels and allow for efficient fuel combustion and best engine performance. This improves your car’s fuel efficiency and prevents problems such as an engine idling roughly.

Correct functionality of the manifold temperature sensor, the mass airflow sensor (MAF) and / or the manifold absolute pressure (MAP) sensor allows for your car to burn fuel effectively. If one or more of these components is faulty, you may find yourself spending much more on fuel over time. For this reason, replacing them as soon as possible will save you money and increase your driving pleasure.


Symptoms of a broken engine manifold temperature sensor:

Loss of power – A faulty manifold temperature sensor can misread the temperature of the air in the engine intake manifold meaning the engine may think too much air is entering your engine. This is often referred to as a lean fuel mixture. A lean fuel mixture can prevent correct burning of fuel, resulting in your engine not performing as it should. This translated to difficulty reaching higher speeds while driving. 

A faulty manifold temperature sensor can misread the temperature of the air in the engine intake manifold in the opposite way as well, with the car engine computer thinking the air / fuel mixture is too rich.

Rough idling – A lean or rich fuel mixture can also cause your car to idle roughly. Your car may shake, run loudly or display inconsistent RPM while idling.

Check engine light on – Any changes in your engine’s air/fuel mixture can trigger the engine light. There are many reasons why this light can appear, therefore it is best to get it diagnosed.

Increased fuel consumption – A bad manifold temperature sensor causes incorrect readings to be sent to the engine ECU. This results in more fuel entering your engine, resulting in non-optimum burning conditions and more fuel going to waste out your exhaust pipe, along with more harmful green house gas emissions! 


Car Engine Manifold Temperature Sensor Repair & Replacement in Hamilton

Is your car in need of a new engine manifold temperature sensor, or do you need your engine manifold temperature sensor diagnosed correctly to see if it is functioning correctly? If so, we can help you!

At Grimmer Motors, our experienced and talented mechanics can use advanced scan tools to diagnose problems with your engine’s air levels. If the manifold temperature sensor is the source of the problem, we can provide high-quality repairs and replacements.

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