About headlight switches:

Some headlight switches are not part of the indicator lever.

As its name suggests, the headlight switch is an electronic switch that controls your car’s headlight functions. In most cases, the headlight switch will control several other functions. Depending on your car, the headlight switch could control the headlights, high beam lights, low beam lights, park lights, indicators / turn signals and fog lights.

In most cars, the headlight switch is located on the steering column is also used to control the indicators/turn signals. In some cases, the headlight switch is completely separate from the steering column and can be found on the dashboard.

Functional headlights significantly improve your car’s visibility and safety, especially if you are driving at night. In New Zealand, functional headlights are also a Warrant of Fitness requirement.


Causes of a bad/broken headlight switch:

  • Faulty wiring – Problems with the headlight switch wiring can lead to the headlight switch not working correctly. A damaged wiring component can result in limited functionality, problems changing modes from high beam to low beam or the lights not working at all.
  • Blown fuse – The headlights are controlled by a fuse which prevents damage to internal wiring. In the event that this fuse blows, your headlights and headlight switch may not work at all.
  • Physical damage to the switch – In some cases, the switch can become loose and difficult to use. In other cases, it can become stuck, resulting in limited functionality. When this happens, the switch will need to be readjusted or replaced.


Symptoms of a faulty headlight switch:

  • Headlights not turning on – If your headlight switch is faulty, the headlights may not turn on at all. This problem can extend to the high beam lights, low beam lights, park lights, indicators / turn signals and fog lights, if your car has a multi-use headlight switch.
  • Battery issues – If the headlights become stuck in the “on” position, they will quickly drain your car’s battery. Your car may need to be jumpstarted more often as a result.
  • Problems with high beams – You may find that your car’s high beams become stuck on, or they do not work at all. This can be caused by problems in the headlight switch. This can also be the case for low beam and park and fog lights
  • The switch is stuck, jammed, or loose – If your headlight switch feels different to normal, it could be due to the internal springs and switch contacts component being damaged.

Is it safe to drive with a faulty headlight switch?

Although driving during the day will generally be safe, driving at night or in bad weather should be avoided. PRoblems with the headlights will affect your car’s visibility to other drivers on the road.


Have you failed a WOF due to headlight problems?

In New Zealand, your car’s headlights must meet the following criteria to pass a Warrant of Fitness:

  • The headlights must work correctly when required
  • The headlights must provide consistent light
  • The headlights must be aligned correctly
  • The high beams must work correctly

View more WOF requirements

At Grimmer Motors, we can service and repair a variety of headlight-related problems.

It’s important to note that these requirements may be subject to change, so it’s always recommended to refer to the official guidelines provided by the New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) or consult a certified inspector for the most up-to-date information regarding headlight requirements for a WoF in New Zealand.


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