What is the EGR Control Solenoid?

EGR solenoids in Hamilton

The EGR control solenoid controls the flow of exhaust gases to the intake manifold. When the solenoid is activated, exhaust gases are sent back into the engine cylinders for re-combustion. The EGR control solenoid is controlled by your car’s electronic control unit (or ECU), which uses a variety of sensors to determine the optimum times for gas recirculation.

The EGR control solenoid is part of your car’s EGR system, which is an emissions control system which recirculates exhaust gases back into your engine.
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When a problem occurs in the EGR control solenoid, it can prevent exhaust gases from recirculating into your engine. This can cause a variety of performance and emissions-related issues. For this reason, it is important that if you suspect there is a problem, you get the EGR control solenoid repaired or replaced. Replacing your EGR control solenoid can help restore your car’s performance and reduce emissions, making it a more environmentally friendly vehicle. It can also help you avoid costly repairs down the road.


Symptoms of a faulty EGR control solenoid:

Reduced engine power and poor acceleration – A damaged EGR control solenoid can lead to your engine’s air/fuel ratio becoming incorrect. This can result in reduced engine performance, as well as increased fuel consumption. The engine may also run louder or more roughly.

Rough idling – If your car shakes more intensely when idling, the EGR control solenoid may be the culprit. However, there are many different components which can cause this issue.

High engine temperatures – When the exhaust gases are unable to recirculate, they can build up inside your engine cylinders and exhaust. This can lead to high engine temperatures which can cause serious damage to your engine if ignored. 

Check engine light is on – Any problems with the EGR control solenoid can lead to the engine light being triggered. This happens due to the sensors in your engine detecting changes in your engine’s fuel burning process.

It is important to note that these symptoms can also be caused by other issues, and a professional diagnosis is needed to determine the exact cause of the problem. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, bring your car to Grimmer Motors for an advanced diagnosis.


EGR Control Solenoid Repairs & Replacement in Hamilton

Is your car in need of a new EGR control solenoid or EGR control solenoid diagnostics? If so, we are happy to help!

At Grimmer Motors, our skilled mechanics can provide you with a new EGR control solenoid. We can then perform an EGR control solenoid diagnostics and replacement on your vehicle. This will prevent problems occurring in your engine by allowing proper recirculation of exhaust gasses. 

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