What does the drag link do?

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The drag link is a component of a vehicle’s steering system that connects the steering gearbox to the steering arm on the opposite side of the vehicle. The drag link transfers the movement of the steering system to the steering arm, which in turn moves the wheels and helps the vehicle turn.

In a traditional steering system, the drag link is part of a parallel linkage that also includes the tie rod and the steering arm. The drag link helps ensure that the front wheels turn in the same direction, maintaining proper wheel alignment and providing smooth and stable handling.

The drag link is an important component of the vehicle’s steering system, and it is subject to wear and tear from normal use, as well as exposure to road conditions and weather. If the drag link becomes damaged or worn, it can cause issues with the vehicle’s handling and stability


Causes of a damaged center/drag link:

A damaged drag link in a car can be caused by several factors, including:

  • Wear and tear: Over time, the drag link can wear out due to normal use, leading to fatigue and eventual failure.
  • Impact damage: If the drag link is struck by a rock or other road debris, it can become bent or damaged.
  • Rust and corrosion: Exposure to moisture and road salt can cause rust and corrosion on the drag link, leading to degradation and eventual failure.
  • Loose or worn parts: If the parts connected to the drag link are loose or worn, it can cause excessive movement and lead to damage.


Symptoms of a faulty center/drag link:

Wheel alignment is incorrect – A faulty drag link can cause your car’s wheels to become improperly aligned. This can make your car naturally pull to the left or right while you are driving.

Vibrations while driving – You may notice that the steering wheel, base and wheels of your car are vibrating. This can cause the entire car to wobble while you are driving, especially at higher speeds. If your car is shaking, it could be due to a center/drag link in need of replacement.

Poor handling – A bad center/drag link can cause your car to become difficult to steer. The car may struggle with corners, or pull to one side while you are driving (as mentioned above)

Increased tyre wear – When your wheels aren’t aligned correctly and your car is becoming difficult to steer, the distribution of weight on the tyres will be affected. This will cause them to wear out much more quickly.


New Center/Drag Link Installation and Replacement in Hamilton

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