Why are battery cables important?

A corroded battery terminal

Battery cables form a connection between your car’s battery and the starter/alternator plus cars electrical system. Because of this, they are vital to the correct operation of your battery and surrounding components.

Without functional battery cables, power will not be able to circulate from the alternator to the battery and electrical accessories as efficiently. The result is difficulty starting your car as well as reduced power to accessories such as the radio, speakers, and headlights. Cleaning corrosion from your battery terminals and cables ensures they remain in good condition and last the test of time.


Causes of battery cable failure:

Corrosion is one of the main causes of damaged battery cables. It can cause the battery terminals and cables to become damaged, reducing their effectiveness. For this reason, it is recommended that you routinely clean your battery terminals and cables, removing any white, powder-like substances that you can see around your battery.

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Symptoms of damaged battery cables:

The symptoms of a faulty connection are very similar to those of a battery due for replacement. For this reason, many people replace their batteries without considering that it could be a fault in the surrounding wiring or charging system. Common symptoms include:

  • Car struggling to start or not starting at all.
  • Clicking sound when keys are turned in the ignition
  • Reduced power to headlights, causing them to appear dim.
  • Battery warning light or Check Engine Light (CEL) is active.

Is it safe to drive with damage to your battery cables?

Although a damaged battery cable won’t affect the way your car drives, it can put you in situations that aren’t ideal. For example, you may drive somewhere, then not be able to get your car to start for the trip home.

If you are driving at night, a poor connection may also reduce power going to your headlights. This can make then run inconsistently, affecting your visibility when driving at night.


New Car Battery Cable Installation in Hamilton

Is your vehicle in need of new car battery cables? If so, we can help you!

At Grimmer Motors, we can perform an advanced inspection of your car’s battery and surrounding components, cleaning corrosion if necessary. If the corrosion has already caused damage, we can remove the cables, replacing them with new ones. After this, we will test the voltage of your battery, and voltage drop across the battery cables, ensuring that it is all working correctly.

For quality assured, fast new car battery cable repalcements in Hamilton, contact Grimmer Motors today!


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