About manual gearbox services replacement:

The purpose of a transmission gearbox is to alter the speed and torque of a energy provided to the wheels of the vehicle, allowing for appropriate performance according to speed, incline and load condition. A manual gearbox (or manual transmission) allows the driver to manually change gears, giving them more control over how their car performs.

Manual transmissions are simpler than automatic transmission and use fewer parts. This means that they are generally more reliable and last longer. However, manual transmissions can be prone to faults.

Improving the lifespan of your manual transmission:

Manual transmission problems usually develop due to high mileage, incorrect use or lack of correct maintenance. For this reason, it is important to look after your gearbox. These best ways to extend the life of your manual gearbox include:

  • Utilise proper gear shifting technique: Use smooth and deliberate movements when shifting gears. Avoid forcefully slamming the gears into place or resting your hand on the gear lever, as it can put unnecessary strain on the transmission components.
  • Operate the clutch smoothly: Engage and disengage the clutch smoothly and completely. Avoid riding the clutch pedal, which means keeping your foot on the clutch while driving. This can cause premature wear and damage to the clutch system.
  • Fluid maintenance: Regularly check the transmission fluid level and condition according to the manufacturer’s guidelines. If the fluid is low or shows signs of contamination, such as a burnt smell or discoloration, have it changed by a professional. Clean and fresh transmission fluid helps maintain proper lubrication and cooling of internal components.
  • Perform routine maintenance and inspections on the transmission: Periodically have your clutch system inspected by a qualified mechanic. They can check for signs of wear, such as a slipping clutch or a worn clutch plate, and make any necessary adjustments or replacements.
  • Maintain proper engine idle speed: The idle speed of your engine should be set within the manufacturer’s recommended range. A low idle speed can cause excessive vibration and stress on the transmission components, while a high idle speed can lead to harsh engagement of gears.

Problems with the manual gearbox and clutch can lead to your car’s transmission not changing gears, staying in gear or performing correctly. This can result in difficulty driving and operating your car.

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Symptoms of a failing manual transmission:

  • Transmission slips out of gear – A slipping transmission occurs when the engine revs higher than expected without a corresponding increase in vehicle speed. This can happen when the transmission fails to maintain a solid connection between the engine and the wheels, potentially due to worn-out clutch components or damaged gear teeth.
  • Car struggles to shift gears – If you experience difficulty or resistance when shifting gears, such as grinding, popping out of gear, or gears being hard to engage, it could be a sign of transmission trouble. This can indicate issues with worn synchronizers, a faulty clutch, or problems with the gear linkage.
  • Leaking transmission oil – Transmission oil is usually bright red in colour. Problems in your transmission system can lead to transmission fluid leaking out. This can prevent lubrication occurring, resulting in your transmission overheating and being damaged.
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  • Grinding noises when changing gears – Unusual noises coming from the transmission during operation, such as grinding, whining, or clunking sounds, may indicate internal damage or worn-out components. These noises can occur while shifting gears or even while the vehicle is in neutral.
  • Burning smell – A burning smell, often resembling the scent of overheated or burning oil, can indicate a problem with the transmission. This could be due to overheating caused by slipping clutches or other internal malfunctions.
  • Dashboard warning lights – In some cases, a failing transmission can trigger the Check Engine Light or a specific transmission-related warning light on your vehicle’s dashboard. This indicates that the vehicle’s onboard diagnostics system has detected a problem with the transmission.


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