About oil level sensors:

Without oil your car engine would quickly seize up and become useless. Oil is an extremely important fluid that keeps your engine running for all of its lifetime. Oil circulates through the engine to lubricate different parts of the engine. Without oil the moving parts in your engine that come in contact with each other would get extremely hot and seize up or cause significant damage to your engine. Running your car without oil will cause your engine to overheat and basically destroy itself.


Low engine oil light on dash

How serious is a damaged oil level sensor:

If you’re oil level sensor is damaged it could be a very serious problem. If your oil is dangerously low or in need of a change, your check engine light or oil light might turn on, but often times it won’t. Therefore it is vital that you or your local auto repair center regularly service your vehicle to ensure the oil is clean and at the correct levels. A damaged oil sensor may not notify you if there is an oil leak or your oil is low, meaning you engine could be running on low or no oil and significantly damaging itself.



The P250E fault code is an OBDII diagnostic fault code for a faulty oil level sensor or oil level sensor circuit. This fault code is usually generated when an oil level sensor is malfunctioning due to a faulty oil sensor circuit. The most common oil level sensor fault code causes are: 

– Oil Heat Damage: Over time these oil level sensors can wear down due to the constant hot oil that is circulating around the engine. This can result in the sensors or sensor circuits malfunctioning and not working.

– Faulty Wiring: Corroded, lose, broken or frayed wires could all lead to a faulty oil level sensor circuit or oil level sensor.

– Clogged oil level sensor: If the oil sensor gets clogged with old oil and waste materials, it may provide incorrect oil level data to the car. The car might receive this incorrect data and think the sensor is malfunctioning or vica versa.

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Your car Symptoms of a faulty oil level sensor:Check Engine

– Check Engine light

Low oil pressure reading

– Service engine soon light

– Engine not starting

If your engine is not starting, it could be a safety precaution to protect your cars engine from damage if your engine computer thinks there is low oil.



Oil level sensor replacements in Hamilton:

At Grimmer Motors, we provide a variety of diagnostic services for oil level sensors. When you bring your car into Grimmer motors we will try always try to be absolutely certain that the problem is with you’re oil level sensor before we start replacing parts. This means we will use our Live Data scan tools, Oscilloscopes, Ohmmeters and visual inspections etc, to accurately diagnose and repair or replace you’re cars oil level sensor.

At Grimmer Motors our experienced mechanics can easily diagnose and replace a faulty oil level sensor.

For all diagnostic checks or oxygen sensor replacements in Hamilton, contact Grimmer Motors today!


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