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The idler pulley is used as a tensioner to guide your car’s drive belt (also known as the serpentine belt or fan belt). The idler pulley controls the tension of the drive belt as it moves at high speeds, preventing it from coming loose or being damaged. A functional idler pulley will correctly guide the drive belt to various components. This will ensure that the drive belt is able to correctly transfer power to parts such as the alternator, power steering pump and air conditioning system. 

The idler pulley is designed to be durable and reliable, but like any mechanical component, it can wear out over time. When this happens, you may experience several symptoms such as loud squeaking noises and failure to the components the idler pulley sends power to. Fortunately, replacing an idler pulley is a relatively simple and affordable repair. It can usually be done in a few hours, and the cost of the replacement pulley and labor is typically much less than the cost of more extensive engine repairs that could result from ignoring the issue.

Over time, the surface of the idler pulley can become worn. When this happens, the idler pulley will need to be replaced. When the pulley becomes very worn, it may begin to crack. This can lead to complete drive belt failure. 

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Symptoms of a damaged idler pulley:

Squeaking noises from engine – If the surface of the idler pulley becomes worn, it can rub against the drive belt and cause it to produce a loud squealing noise. 

Alternator, air conditioning or power steering not working – If the idler pulley fails, the drive belt may not be able to send energy to the alternator, air conditioning system or power steering system. This will prevent these parts from working.

Visible wear or damage to pulley – If you notice wear or damage upon inspecting the pulley, it is most likely due for replacement.


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