What is a hybrid service?

As more and more drivers are turning to hybrid vehicles to reduce their carbon footprint and save on fuel costs, it’s important to have a trusted service center to turn to for all of your hybrid car repair and maintenance needs.

At our service center, we are proud to offer a full range of services specifically designed for hybrid vehicles. From routine oil changes and tune-ups to more complex repairs and diagnostic work, our team of certified technicians has the knowledge and experience to keep your hybrid car running at its best.

Servicing a hybrid vehicle requires a slightly different approach to servicing traditional petrol and diesel powered vehicles. This is due to the high-voltage batteries that work alongside the engine to power the vehicle. Hybrid vehicles also have more of a variety of parts than gasoline or diesel powered vehicles. This means that mechanics have to take extra care when examining the vehicle.

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When should you get your hybrid vehicle serviced?

We recommend that you service your hybrid vehicle at least once a year, or once every 10,000 km. This will allow for the smooth operation of various components in your vehicle. We recommend too that you regularly check your vehicle’s oil to determine if it is running low or needs replacement. When oil is due for replacement, it will be no longer be clear and become a darker colour.

Many customers get their vehicles serviced at the same time as their WOF. This saves the hassle of bringing your car to the mechanics twice. 

Grimmer Motors offers servicing & repair for Hybrids and Electric Vehicles

At Grimmer Motors, we provide leading service in Hamilton for all electric and hybrid vehicles. We can perform general car servicing as well as advanced diagnostic tests. The specialised hybrid services we offer include:

  • Hybrid engine oil change and filter
  • Hybrid transmission oil change / flush and filter
  • Testing and repairing the Hybrid High Voltage Battery
  • Turning off the Hybrid Triangle on the dash
  • Diagnosing and repairing hybrid engine surges and rough running
  • Examining High Voltage (HV) battery evenness using advanced hybrid diagnostic tools.
  • Examining and cleaning High Voltage (HV) battery cooling vents.
  • Making sure the High Voltage (HV) battery fans are working.
  • Electronically bleeding the hybrid regenerative braking system.
  • Replacing the hybrid inverter cooling system fluid.

Many electric vehicle or hybrid owners face the problem of not being able to find a mechanic that will correctly service your vehicle. Grimmer Motors offers an answer to this problem by providing high-quality, experienced hybrid servicing with the latest diagnostic tools. 

Bring your electric or hybrid vehicle into Grimmer Motors today to receive fast, high-quality service tailored to your car.

What hybrid vehicles do we service?

Grimmer Motors offers high-quality servicing and maintenance for all types of hybrid vehicles, including the most popular makes such as the Toyota Prius, Camry, Aqua, Honda Insight, Lexus hybrids, and many more.

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