About Jump Starting Hybrids

Hybrids can be a challenge to jump start. Jump starting a car the wrong way can cause significant damage to the electrical system of the flat car and also the battery of the good car. This is why it is important to follow the correct procedures when jump starting a car. This will mainly cover jump starting the Toyota hybrid series, but can be applied to other hybrids.

– Bring the charged car as close as possible: Make sure both vehicles are within a small range of each other, to ensure the jumper wires can reach easily. Please note, the car being used to jump start the other car does not need to be a hybrid.

– Locate the positive (+) terminal: Find the positive battery terminal on the vehicle that needs starting. This will usually be located in the fuse box, in the bonnet of the hybrid that needs starting (as the 12 volt battery is often in the boot of the hybrid vehicle).

Fuse BoxPositivePositive switch

– Connect the red jumper lead: Connect one end of the red jumper lead to the positive terminal on the charged cars battery. Connect the other end to the  (+) terminal in the fuse box of the hybrid.

Connected Red Jumper wire

– Connect the black jumper cable: Connect one end of the black jumper cable to the negative terminal of the charged car. DO NOT connect the other end to the negative battery terminal of the hybrid (if connecting to the 12 volt battery in the boot), this could cause a spark and cause the gases in the battery to ignite, which will cause damage. Instead connect the negative jumper lead to any stationary, solid metal part of the car. Make sure this metal part is not coated in any way.

For example:

Red and black jumper cable joinedJump starting with power-bank

This example is with a jump-starting power bank. If your jumper cables are longer it would be best to find a better solid metal spot for the black cable.

– Run the charged car for about 5 minutes: Run the charged car long enough so that it begins to charge the hybrid vehicle. 5 minutes should be long enough.

 Attempt to start the hybrid: If you see the ‘ready’ light on your dash, the car should be ready to drive. Remember you may not hear anything when the hybrid starts because hybrids can start with the electric engine only.

– Remove the jumper cables from each car: Remove both jumper cables from each car making sure you DO NOT touch the red and black jumper wires together.


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