Headlight warning systems

If you have ever returned to your car to find your lights on and your battery  flat, you know how annoying and inconvenient it can be. Modern vehicle manufacturers generally include a warning system letting drivers know their lights are still on. Some cars exclusively have a dashboard light, but many also come with audio warnings.  If you’re unhappy with your car’s existing warning system (or if you car is older and doesn’t have a warning system at all), it is possible to get an alarm on a separate circuit to alert you.

Voltage sensitive relays

If you need to install a separate headlight warning system or another electrical system into your car, you can get a voltage sensitive relay . Relays allow you to add a separate circuit, powered by charge from the main battery. It’s possible to get alarms that are triggered when you open the car door while your headlights are still on. There are DIY headlight warning buzzer system packs available, but it is always recommended that you see a garage before you try to install them.

Speak to your mechanic about how easy a VSR would be to install in your car. Many modern cars often have smart alternators, meaning their charge may be less than 13 volts. This might not be not enough to activate a single voltage sensitive relay. So if your car was manufactured after 2010, you might need to consider other options.

What if my existing headlight warning system isn’t working?

Hybrid vehicles: Hybrid systems have two batteries, one that powers the engine and the other powering electrical accessories. If you are having issues with things such as the heating and the interior lights, your 12-volt battery might be the underlying problem. However, there could also be an issue with the buzzer itself (such as a blown fuse). Take it down to a mechanic for diagnosis.

Petrol vehicles: If some of your other electrical systems are also not working, or your car struggling to start, this might also be a sign of a battery problem. The battery warning light should turn on, and eventually your car won’t start at all.  However if the warning system alone is the problem, you may have a blown fuse. Take your vehicle down to a garage to get it checked out.

Battery flat?                

Image of jump start

If you left your lights on – and now your battery’s flat – you can contact your nearest garage for a tow, and to get your car started and back on the road again.

You can also purchase portable jump start kits in case of a flat battery. These are handy as you can use them without another vehicle.

Jumpstarting your car from another vehicle using jumper leads is something you should only do if you feel completely comfortable. See our guide on how to correctly jumpstart your car. 

Headlights left on: warning options Hamilton

If you would like to install a new headlight warning system for your car, head down to see our experienced team at Grimmer Motors today to talk about your options.

If you’re worried about the health of your battery, we diagnose and replace batteries for petrol, diesel, hybrid, and electric vehicles: and if you get your battery replaced with us, it will be sold and recycled rather than going into a landfill.

We can also help if you’re having general issues with any of the electrical components of your car. Come and see Grimmer Motors today for prompt, friendly and professional service.

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