What does the hand/parking brake cable do?

To put things simply, the hand/parking brake cable connects your hand/parking brake to the rest of your car’s braking system.Handbrake Lever

The parking brake cable connects the parking brake (also known as the handbrake, foot brake,  emergency brake, or e brake) to the brake pads/shoes, allowing your car to remain stationary when the parking brake is engaged. When you activate the parking brake, the brake pads/shoes press against the brake rotors, creating friction and stopping the car from rolling.

What are the symptoms of a failing parking brake cable?


Parking brake lights

A damaged parking brake cable can cause your parking brake to behave abnormally. There are several symptoms of a failing parking/hand brake cable:

  • The parking brake may not engage properly, or it may become stuck.
  • There may be significant travel of the hand brake or parking brake lever or foot pedal.
  • The parking brake warning light appears, even when it is not engaged.
  • The car may not stay still when the parking brake is engaged.

Brake-related problems can create serious safety risks, and therefore your vehicle may fail a Warrant of Fitness (WoF) if the parking/hand brake is faulty or seriously out of adjustment. If a vehicle is unable to brake correctly, it increases the risk of collisions. We recommend that you see a mechanic if you have any doubts about your car’s ability to brake correctly.


Can you drive with a damaged parking brake cable?

If the brake is stuck in the “engaged” position, it can make driving significantly more difficult. This is due to the ongoing resistance the parking brake creates as you drive. Additionally, it can also increase wear on surrounding components. For these reasons, we recommend that you don’t drive.

If your parking brake is stuck in the “disengaged” position, your car will generally drive the same way as it normally would. However, extra care should be taken when parking as the car may be more prone to rolling, especially on steep hills. You should also keep in mind that the parking brake serves as an emergency brake and if you drive with it not working, this functionality will be lost.


Parking brake cable issues can cause you to fail your Warrant of Fitness

You may be here because you failed a WOF due to the parking brake being damaged. If the parking brake cannot be easily adjusted, you will fail a Warrant of Fitness. Leave it to us to fix all your parking brake related issues. Our skilled mechanics can quickly diagnose and repair the issue, getting your car legal again.

Parking Brake Cable Repair in Hamilton

Are you worried about the condition of your parking brake cable? If so, we are happy to help you fix the problem. Our team of mechanics can fix a variety of brake-related problems and replace broken/failing brake components for you.

Stay safe on the road by getting your parking brake and other brake components serviced. Contact Grimmer Motors today for reliable brake servicing in Hamilton.


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