Are your air vents malfunctioning?

Car air vents are an important component of a vehicle’s ventilation system. They allow drivers and passengers to control the flow of air into the car and can help to keep the inside of the vehicle comfortable and breathable. However, like all mechanical parts, car air vents can experience issues and may need to be repaired from time to time.

Your vehicle’s ventilation system pushes air into the cabin of your vehicle. The temperature of this air is determined by your air conditioning, fan, and heater. Sometimes, the air vents can malfunction, stopping or limiting the air coming through. So what are the most common causes of air vent problems? Find out below.


Malfunctioning blower motor

A blower motor is used to send air through the vents. If the blower motor becomes damaged, you may notice that your air vents are not producing as much air as usual. In severe cases, the vents will not produce air at all.

Blown fuse

Your vehicle’s air vents rely on a fuse in order to function properly. If this fuse blows, the circuit will be unable to deliver electricity to the vents, resulting in no air coming through.

Damaged relay

A relay controls when electricity is sent to your vents. Like a fuse, your vents rely on a relay to receive power. If the relay is damaged, no power will be delivered to the vents, resulting in no air coming through.

Clogged air intake or Cabin Filter

The air intake or cabin filter may become clogged with contaminants such as dirt, dust, pollens or sand. This can restrict the flow of air into the car, which can cause the air to become stale.

Damaged resistor

The resistor controls how much air is sent through the vents. The threshold changes depending on what level you set your fan, heater, or air conditioning to. If your resistor malfunctions, you may receive the incorrect amount of air or no air at all.

The recirculation setting is on

Some car ventilation systems have a recirculation setting that allows you to recycle the air inside the car rather than bringing in fresh air from outside. If this setting is on, you may not be getting fresh air from the vents.

Vehicle Air Vent Repair in Hamilton

Are your air vents not functioning correctly? At Grimmer Motors, our skilled, experienced and qualified mechanics can fix all air vent related problems. Whether it’s a damaged motor, clogged vents or blown fuse, or non operating relay, our mechanics will get your air vents and A/C system functioning again in no time.

To repair car air vents, we may need to disassemble the vent cover and assess the problem. If the vent is stuck or broken, it may need to be replaced. If the vent is clogged, we can try cleaning it. If the rubber seals are worn out, we may need to replace them.

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