An important part of your car’s ventilation system is the fan level controls. These controls allow you to adjust the intensity of your car’s fan or air-conditioning / heater (when active).

The fan control buttons can malfunction, limiting the control that you have over your car’s temperature. There are several reasons that the fan level controls are not working correctly. The can include damage to the blower motor, resistor or damage to the control system itself.

Damaged Blower Motor

The purpose of the blower motor is to push air into your vehicle through the several small vents. If the blower motor becomes damaged, it may only produce a limited amount of air. If the blower motor is severely damaged, no air will enter the cabin at all.

From the user’s point of view, the fan’s intensity may peak at a certain level and stop rising.

Clogged Air Intake

Blockages in your car’s air intake will result in the blower motor not being able to push as much air into your cabin. As you drive your car, dirt and grime may enter your car’s ventilation system. This can cause clogging and reduced effectiveness over time.

The user may notice the fan peaks at a certain level or produces strange odours while running.

Damaged Buttons

Sometimes, the buttons themselves can be the culprit. The buttons can become loose or jammed due to prolonged or aggressive use or accidental spills of food and drink. If the button feels jammed, try to loosen it manually.

Malfunctioning Blower Motor Relay

The relay is responsible for providing power to the blower motor. Over time, it can eventually wear out and cause the blower motor to stop functioning altogether.

From the user’s end, the fan will not run, despite the on-screen information appearing normal.

Fan Level Control Diagnostics in Hamilton

At Grimmer Motors, we can quickly diagnose issues related to your fan level controls. We can then provide you with excellent advice and what to do next. Our mechanics can fix a variety of ventilation and air-conditioning related faults, allowing you to have improved control over your car’s temperature.

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