What is the exhaust manifold gasket?

Connected to the engine cylinder head, the exhaust manifold is an important part of your car’s exhaust system. It is responsible for collecting exhaust gases and sending them through to the tailpipe where they exit your vehicle. 

The exhaust manifold gasket creates a seal between the exhaust manifold and the engine cylinders. This prevents harmful exhaust gases from leaking and causing damage. Due to the high temperatures of exhaust emissions, the exhaust manifold gasket is put under a lot of stress. Because of this, it can be prone to wearing out and leaking over time. 

A failing exhaust manifold gasket may stop the gases from being cleaned in the catalytic converter. This can lead to increased emissions, resulting in your car failing its next Warrant of Fitness. 
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*It can also lead to toxic exhaust gases entering the passenger compartment of your car while you are driving, endangering the health of you and your passengers.

Symptoms of a damaged exhaust manifold gasket:

If the exhaust manifold gasket becomes damaged, it can cause a variety of problems. Here are some common symptoms of a damaged exhaust manifold gasket:

  • Hissing noises – When the exhaust manifold begins to leak, you may hear a hissing sound coming from your engine. This sound will be the most noticeable after you first start your car.
  • Burning smell – Since the exhaust emissions are so hot, they can burn surrounding components when they leak from the exhaust manifold. This can result in damaged wiring. If you notice a burning smell, we recommend that you get your car diagnosed as soon as possible. This will prevent any further damage from occurring. 
  • Reduced engine performance – A failed exhaust manifold gasket can result in decreased acceleration and engine performance. It may also cause the Check Engine Light (CEL) to turn on, on your dash.
  • Reduced fuel economy – Like any problem that affects engine performance, a worn exhaust manifold gasket can lead to your car using more fuel than normal. In this case, it is often because your exhaust is unable to recirculate gases back into the engine combustion chamber.
  • Increased emissions – A damaged exhaust manifold gasket can cause increased emissions, which can result in failing emissions tests or a check engine light. This may also lead to a failed Warrant of Fitness.


Can you drive with a broken exhaust manifold gasket?

Although your car will remain driveable, it is not recommended to drive for long periods of time with a broken exhaust manifold gasket for several reasons:

  • A broken exhaust manifold gasket can cause exhaust gases to leak out of the engine, which can be hazardous to your health due to the toxic fumes they contain.
  • A broken exhaust manifold gasket can cause the engine to run poorly since the exhaust gases may not be properly routed through the exhaust system. This can lead to decreased performance, reduced fuel efficiency, and potential damage to the engine.


New Exhaust Manifold Gasket Installation in Hamilton

Is your car in need of an exhaust manifold gasket replacement? If so, we can help!

An exhaust manifold gasket replacement in best done early before further damage can occur. At Grimmer Motors, our team of talented mechanics can replace a leaking exhaust manifold gasket, preventing gases from causing damage to surrounding components. 

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