What happens if you put too much oil in your engine?

When adding oil to your car, it’s important to make sure you are adding the right amount. When you use too much oil, you run the risk of seriously damaging your engine.

If too much oil is added to your engine, the pool of oil may be deep enough to make contact with the crankshaft as it turns. This can cause the oil to become foamy and lose its lubricating properties, resulting in increased engine friction and wear. This can also lead to pressurization of the crankcase and other engines parts and oil leaks. Also this excess oil can enter the combustion chambers and cause excessive smoke and exhaust emissions.  

What is the purpose of oil in your engine?


How to check oil levels:

Checking your oil levels is easy. Simply remove the engine oil dipstick from your engine and wipe it with a rag. If the oil markings cover the “max” or “full” line, you have used too much oil. 

Some dipsticks will simply have markings that show the “low” and “full” levels. The bottom one means “low” and the higher one means “full”. Ideally, your oil level should be around the “full” marker.

For more accurate results, do this test when you car engine has cold down and you car is on a level surface. 


Symptoms of too much oil:

White smoke coming from the exhaust – When the oil becomes foamy, it can burn, resulting in it leaving your exhaust as white smoke. Burning coolant can also show similar symptoms. Either way, it is important that you get your car inspected as soon as possible to prevent further engine damage. 

Leaking oil – Excess oil can leak from the engine and form puddles under your car. Oil leaks should be inspected as soon as possible to prevent engine wear. 

Burning oil smell – You may notice a strong smell of burning oil coming from your engine. This can be caused by overfilling your car with oil


How important is this repair?

If you have only slightly overfilled your engine, you should be able to continue driving normally. However, excessively overfilling your car can lead to serious engine damage. As the oil foams, it loses its ability to lubricate your engine. This can lead to serious, and expensive problems in your engine. 


Oil Over Filling / Excess Oil Repairs in Hamilton

Have you put too much oil in your cars engine? If so, we can help!

At Grimmer Motors, we can perform an oil flush on your engine. This will remove any foamy oil, preventing it from damaging your engine. We can then add the correct amount of oil to your car, allowing for correct lubrication of engine components.

For reliable, effective excess oil removal, flushing and changes in Hamilton, contact Grimmer Motors today!


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