What is the engine flywheel?

A diagram of the different components in a clutch

The flywheel is a round, rotating component that gives rotational balance to the engine, smoothing out the engine power strokes. The engine flywheel also allows the transfer of energy between the engine crankshaft and the transmission system. In a manual transmission system it form part of the clutch system that provides a means of interrupting the power flow, allowing you to shift gears.

Flywheels are found in manual transmission vehicles, whereas flexplates are found in automatic-transmission vehicles

In manual drive (or stick shift vehicles) the clutch plate pushes against the flywheel, creating a connection to the transmission system. When the clutch pedal is pressed down, the clutch plate releases from the flywheel, interrupting the connection between the engine and transmission. This lets the driver shift gears.

In situations where the engine power is intermittent, the flywheel will help power your car with its own stored rotational energy.


What causes flywheel damage?

A worn clutch plate lining can cause damage to the flywheel. When the lining on the clutch plate becomes worn, the hard, metal grooves can cut into the flywheel, causing damage to the surface.

Overheating can also cause damage to the flywheel. Heat is created by friction in clutch components, which can reach high levels if the components are not working correctly.


What are the symptoms of a bad/damaged flywheel?

If the flywheel becomes damaged, there are several common symptoms that you can use to diagnose the problem. These include:

Clutch slipping – Clutch slipping is the inability for your engine to transfer all of its power to the transmission / gearbox and wheels. This can be caused by a badly scored / scratched flywheel clutch surface.

Burning smell – A damaged flywheel can cause a burning smell to come from your clutch. This is due to the excessive amount of heat caused by friction in your clutch.

Vibrations – A vibrating clutch can point to problems in your flywheel’s being out of balance or being loose. It can also mean that it is not making proper contact with your clutch plate.


How important is a flywheel replacement?

The flywheel is an important  manual gearbox / transmission component that allows for a transfer of energy between the engine, clutch and transmission. Clutch damage can become worse over time, resulting in more expensive flywheel repairs. Therefore, we recommend that you get your clutch and flywheel repaired sooner rather than later.


Engine Flywheel Inspection & Replacement in Hamilton

At Grimmer Motors, we can organise flywheel skimming and replacement for your vehicle. This will keep your clutch system running healthily.

Our mechanics are experienced in engine flywheel and clutch-related repairs, meaning we can quickly diagnose and repair issues in all sorts of vehicles. For reliable engine flywheel related repairs in Hamilton, contact Grimmer Motors today!


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