What causes carbon build-up in the EGR system?

Your car’s Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) system recirculates a portion of your engine’s exhaust gases back into the engine’s combustion chamber. This results in reduced exhaust emissions as well as improved fuel economy. These gases may also be used to help reduce high engine temperatures which helps reduce Nitrous Oxides (NOX).

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As you would expect, exhaust emissions can be very dirty. Not all of these emissions will be recirculated or expelled by your exhaust system. Over time, a buildup of carbon can occur inside the EGR valve and surrounding components. Although carbon buildup won’t immediately affect EGR performance, a thick wall can build up over time. This can lead to the EGR valve becoming blocked, stuck open or stuck shut.


Symptoms of EGR carbon buildup:

  • Increased engine temperature – If the EGR valve becomes clogged with carbon deposits, a reduced amount of recirculated gas will reach your engine. This will lead to higher running temperatures. If this happens, keep an eye on your car’s temperature gauge and stop driving if it gets too high.
  • Check engine light – Your EGR system is linked to several sensors which monitor the flow of exhaust emissions. If an irregularity occurs due to a clogged valve, the sensors will detect the change and your check engine light will illuminate. We recommend that you use a scan tool to learn more about the issue. Book a vehicle scan today!
  • Knocking noises coming from engine – When the EGR is clogged or stuck shut, it can cause fuel to ignite before combustion (pre ignition). This can lead to loud knocking noises in your engine.
  • Rough idle – One of the most common signs of EGR problems is rough idling. This means that your car will shake, rev highly or produce loud noise when idling. This can even lead to stalling at idle or low speeds due to vacuum problems at idle.


What’s the best way to clean carbon build-up from the EGR system?Car engine carbon clean waikato

Our Carbon Cleaning Machine currently requires maintenance and therefore, we currently don’t offer this service

Although cleaning products exist that can reduce the amount of buildup in your engine and EGR valves, they may not get rid of all of the deposits. This is because the carbon deposits can become hard and stick to the sides of the valve. An engine carbon clean is considered one way to completely remove carbon deposits from your vehicle.

A carbon clean is a relatively low cost, value for money, effective way to improve the operation of your engine, without any disassembly. In just 30 minutes, our powerful carbon cleaning machine can remove some deposits of carbon from your engine, EGR and exhaust systems. Although there are no guarantees, a carbon clean can often be a cost effective way to attempt to clean carbon from your engine and EGR valve system.


Benefits of an EGR carbon clean:Increased Engine Power

A carbon clean can help improve engine performance, allowing for better power and responsiveness.Reduced Exhaust Emissions

May reduce the amount of exhaust fumes produced by your car. A carbon clean may allow for cleaner engine operation and reduced emissionsReduced Fuel Use

A carbon clean may improve fuel economy, saving you money over time.


EGR Carbon Cleaning Services in Hamilton

Important: Our Carbon Cleaning Machine currently requires maintenance and therefore, we currently don’t offer this service

Is your car in need of a EGR carbon clean? If so, then contact us today! We can use various techniques to remove carbon buildup from your EGR system. This will allow for improved engine operation, as well as reduced temperatures and smoother idling. Protect your engine and EGR system from serious damage. Book a carbon cleaning service today!


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