What does the drive belt tensioner do?

Drive belt tensioner.

A drive belt is used to drive multiple parts of your car’s engine such as the alternator, water pump, and power steering system. The drive belt tensioner is an important part of your vehicle’s drive belt assembly. It is mounted to either a spring or pivot point and is used to apply a constant level of tension to your drive belt. The drive belt tensioner covers the drive belt, putting pressure on it and allowing it to run correctly.

How do you know if your drive belt tensioner is failing?

In the event that it fails or malfunctions, you will probably notice a squeaking or grinding noise coming from your engine. You may also notice that your air conditioning system, power steering system, and alternator are not functioning correctly. More specifically, some things you can look out for include:

  • Loose drive belt – One sign is a drive belt that has loosened or been worn down unusually quickly. If this has occurred you might have detected the squealing/grinding sound mentioned above or a burning smell when the engine is running.
  • Dead battery – You might also notice that your battery has died, and importantly, that you are unable to revive it. This would likely be accompanied by the battery light coming on and not turning off after attempting to charge it. This may be a symptom of many other issues so check here to see if your dead battery may be a result of some other problem.

Why do you need to replace your drive belt tensioner?

If you suspect that your drive belt tensioner is not functioning properly, it is extremely important to have it replaced. A failing drive belt tensioner can be a safety hazard if not dealt with. The first reason for this is that it can cause issues with your brake system; if the belt is not tight, it does not make the internal mechanisms spin. This also goes for power steering, air conditioning, and the water pump. All of this may not operate properly if you have not replaced a broken drive belt tensioner, making it potentially dangerous for you to be on the road. Additionally, if you do not get it replaced in a timely manner and the loose belt continues to rub up against pulleys that arent moving. This creates unnatural friction within your vehicle that can lead to further issues with all of the systems mentioned.

Drive Belt Tensioner Repair in Hamilton

Do you think your drive belt tensioner has failed? If so, we can help!

One of our skilled mechanics will be able to quickly determine whether the drive belt or tensioner is the source of your problems. We will then perform remove and replace the belt or tensioner if necessary. This will allow the components in your vehicle to run correctly again and remove that annoying grinding noise from your engine.

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