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In order to stay safe at night, or during wet, snowy or foggy weather, a bright set of headlights is essential. This keeps you safe by allowing you to see where you going. It also allows other drivers to see you from a distance.

Dim headlights are harder to see from a distance. They are also more easily hidden by rain or fog. As well as affecting your safety, dim headlights can also lead to a failed Warrant of Fitness.


Causes of dim headlights:

  • Wear over time – Eventually, all lights wear out and need to be replaced. Most cars on New Zealand’s roads use halogen headlights. Due to the way these lights work, they are prone to developing a buildup of deposits inside their bulbs. This results in less light able to get out of the bulb, producing a dimming effect.
  • Damaged ground wire – Usually connected to your car’s chassis, the ground wire completes the electrical circuit, allowing your car’s lights to operate reliably. Over time, this wire can be prone to corrosion, damage from the elements or other issues. When this happens, less electricity can pass through the lights and less light is produced. It is best practice to always check the condition of the ground wire before replacing any bulbs which appear to be dim.
  • Problems with the alternator – The purpose of the alternator is to charge the battery and supply power to your car’s various electrical accessories. Problems with the alternator can result in reduced electricity being sent to the headlights. An easy way to test this is to rev the engine and pay attention to your lights. Does their brightness change as you rev the engine? If so,  the alternator is probably the issue.
  • Dirty lens – Over time, the lenses that sit in front of the bulbs can develop leaks. When this happens, condensation will develop underneath the plastic. Condensation can collect dust and other contaminants, leading to blocking of light from the bulb. Contaminants can also burn under the heat of the bulb, resulting in deposits or inconsistencies in the lens.


Have you failed a WOF for dim headlights?

In order to pass a Warrant of Fitness, your car’s headlights must meet the following criteria:

  • The lamps must be bright enough to clearly illuminate the road at night
  • The lamps are secure and free of contaminants such as dirt or moisture
  • The lamp emits a steady light and doesn’t flicker.
  • The two lamps must be somewhat similar in brightness and colour.

In order to pass a Warrant of Fitness, you brake lights, turn signals and other lighting must all be in good working condition.

View all WOF criteria for headlights

Dim headlights are a common cause for failed WOFs. However, repairing them is often a straightforward, easy job. Our mechanics have years of experience repairing and replacing bulbs. Learn more below:

New Headlight Installation & Replacement in Hamilton

Is your car in need of a headlight repair or replacement? If so, our team can help you.

At Grimmer Motors, our team of skilled mechanics can easily replace headlights on all makes and models. We’ll make sure that your headlights comply with all Warrant of Fitness requirements and use reliable parts to keep you safe.

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