What happens if the coolant and oil mix?

Oil in your cooling system can cause it to be a darker, browner colour (or this can be rust).

Oil and coolant are the two most important fluids in your engine. The oil lubricates the engine, allowing it to run smoothly. The coolant keeps the engine at an optimal temperature.

Coolant and oil mixing is a bad sign. This is because it usually points towards the failure of an important part in your engine/cooling system. An oil/coolant mixture will quickly travel around your engine, resulting in overheating and increased engine wear over time.

Mixing oil and coolant will result in your vehicle needing an oil and coolant flush immediately. A flush is when the coolant and oil are drained from your vehicle and replaced. The faulty part will also need to be replaced so that an oil/coolant mix doesn’t happen again

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Possible causes of coolant/oil mixture:

Blown head gasket – The head gasket sits between the engine block and cylinder head. A blown head gasket can cause the oil to leak out of your engine, mixing with the coolant. If your head gasket blows, you may face serious engine damage. This is because of the high temperatures damaging and warping the cylinder head.

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Cracked cylinder head – Overheating can lead to cylinder head damage. This is due to the coolant being directed incorrectly and eventually mixing with the oil.

Damaged oil cooler – Some vehicles have an oil cooler that helps the oil to reach a lower temperature before it is pumped back into the engine. If the oil cooler leaks, the oil can mix with the coolant.

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Symptoms of mixed oil and coolant:

Overheating – If coolant mixes with the oil, the engine will not be able to cool or lubricate itself properly. This can result in overheating and increased engine wear. Keep an eye on your temperature gauge and refrain from driving if it gets too high.

Excess exhaust smoke – If you see large amounts of smoke coming from your exhaust, it could be due to a failure in your head gasket or engine cylinders.


What should I do?

If you think that your car has a blown head gasket or damaged oil cooler, we recommend that you bring it to a qualified, experienced and trusted mechanic. These problems can cause serious, expensive damage to your engine over time, meaning that they are better to have fixed sooner rather than later.


Mixed Oil & Coolant Service & Flush in Hamilton

At Grimmer Motors, we can perform a thorough coolant and oil flush on your vehicle. This will prevent the oil and coolant from causing damage to your engine. We can then provide reliable, high-quality diagnostics and fixes for your engine and cooling system, allowing the oil and coolant to flow normally.

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