How to tell if your clutch is slipping:

Clutch repair

The clutch allows you to smoothly engage and change gears in your manual transmission vehicle. The clutch may begin to slip, causing problems with your power-train / transmission system. Below are some common symptoms of a slipping clutch.

Clutch requires less pressure to engage – Engaging your vehicle’s clutch pedal should require a certain amount of pressure. If you find that you barely have to push the pedal down for it to engage, your clutch is most likely slipping due to a broken pressure plate.

The clutch pressure plate is designed to act like a “spring” which compresses your clutch between itself and the engines flywheel. If part or all of this “spring” action breaks, then the clutch may be easier to press down than normal, and may also slip when power is applied during vehicle acceleration.

Loss of power – You may experience a loss of power in your vehicle. This can be caused by the cars clutch not being able to transmit all of the engines rotating energy from the engines flywheel via the clutch assembly to the gearbox / manual transmission to the cars wheels. This will be most noticeable while accelerating or on hilly terrain.

Higher RPM – A failing clutch can cause an increase in your vehicle’s RPM due to clutch slippage . This can be noticed the most when your vehicle is under heavy and sustained acceleration.


Testing your clutch:

One way of testing your clutch to help you determine whether it is slipping or not is below.

  • First, find a large empty space such as a carpark.
  • Drive your vehicle around slowly in first gear.
  • Change into third gear while slowly releasing the clutch.
  • If the car stalls, it means that your clutch is functioning correctly and not slipping. If the vehicle doesn’t stall and the RPM goes up, your clutch is slipping and will need to be repaired.


How important is the clutch?

A slipping clutch won’t last forever and will continue to show worse effects as it begins to fail. As it slips it will build up severe heat, and can the damaged clutch linings which can expose clutch lining rivets which can damage to other parts, such as you pressure plate, trust bearing and engine flywheel.

Often once your clutch starts slipping you can still drive your vehicle with a slipping clutch, however, you may struggle to stay up to speed and you will do further more expensive damage.


Slipping Clutch Inspection & Replacement in Hamilton

Does your vehicle have a slipping clutch? If so, we can provide a clutch replacement, allowing your vehicle to change gears correctly. Our mechanics are qualified, skilled and experienced in clutch diagnostics and replacements, meaning your vehicle is in good hands.

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