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    Grimmer Motors Hamilton – Different Ways People Spell

    Sometimes, people are unsure how to spell our company name. This makes it difficult for those customers to find us...


    New Engine Fuel Pressure Sensor & Diagnostics in Hamilton

    What does the engine fuel pressure sensor do? The fuel pressure sensor is an important part of the fuel system...


    New Engine Oil Pump in Hamilton

    What does the engine oil pump do? The engine oil pump is responsible for sending oil around your engine, allowing...


    Low Oil Pressure Repairs in Hamilton

    What is low oil pressure? Oil plays a vital role in your car’s engine. It lubricates the various moving parts,...


    New Car Radiator Cap & Pressure Testing in Hamilton

    What does the radiator cap do? The radiator cap is a small, but important part of your car’s cooling system....

    New coolant sensor Hamilton

    New Car Coolant Temperature Switch / Sensor & Repairs in Hamilton

    What is the engine coolant temperature sensor? As its name suggests, the car engine coolant temperature sensor (or car engine...


    Low Engine Fuel Pressure – Inspection & Repairs in Hamilton

    About low engine fuel pressure: The fuel pump is responsible for sending fuel to your car’s fuel injectors where it enters...


    Car Throttle Body Cleaning in Hamilton

    What is the throttle body? The throttle body is part of your car’s air intake system. Its role is to...


    Fuel Pressure Regulator – Repair & Replacement in Hamilton

    About the fuel pressure regulator: The fuel pressure regulator (or FPR) is an important component in your car’s fuel system....


    Engine Oil Overfilled / Oil Too High – Repair in Hamilton

    What happens if you put too much oil in your engine? When adding oil to your car, it’s important to...

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