Birds Nesting in the Engine

It is common for birds to nest under the hood of cars near the engine. Birds like to nest under the hood because it is warm and protected from the weather. They can nest in your car quite quickly, it can happen overnight if you park your car in an area that is surrounded by a lot of trees and birds. 

Birds are more likely to nest in your vehicle if it is parked up for a long period of time or somewhere rurally. Especially if it is parked in a barn or a shed. 


Why is a bird’s nest in the engine bay a danger?

Birds nesting under the hood of your car near your engine is a huge fire risk. When birds make a nest they use straw, hay, and leaves which are all very dry materials. When the engine is switched on it creates a lot of heat under the bonnet, and with the nest near the engine it catches fire.

This is especially a big issue with tractors. However there are numerous stories about cars catching on fire from a bird nesting in the car. The fire can cause people to lose their car and belongings in the vehicle. It is especially dangerous if the car is nearby buildings and fences that could catch on fire. 


How to prevent birds from nesting in your car?

  • Frequently check your car for nests

Frequently checking for nests may seem like the most obvious way to prevent bird nests from causing fires, but it is one of the most effective. If you are in an area that is known to have a lot of birds or you have left your car sitting for a while, check for nests. Having a look under the bonnet of your car for any sign of hay or nests can save your car from going up in flames. It may take a minute or two out of your day but it is better than losing your car to a birds nest fire. 


  •  Car Cover

A very common way to prevent birds from nesting in your car is a car cover. The car cover will protect the surface and dissuade birds from using it as their nest. There will be less access for the birds to get in and less attraction for them wanting to nest in it. A shiny silver car cover is especially great for deterring birds because it is reflective. You also have the added benefit of the cover keeping your car clean and the surface protected.


  • Decoy

To prevent birds from nesting in your car you can put a decoy out to scare them away. You could use an owl or hawk decoy on your car to keep the birds away. The birds will be too afraid of the decoy and not come near the car. To make sure the birds believe the decoy is alive, you will need to move it to different locations often. 


  • CD Discs

Hanging up CD discs near your car is a very effective way to deter birds. Birds are frightened by reflective surfaces. Hanging the CDs around your car will create reflective surfaces when the light hits them, resulting in frightening the birds away. Hanging CDs up might not be the most attractive site at your house but it is very effective and cheap. 


  • Sound Emitter

For a discrete way to prevent birds nesting in your car, a sound emitter is a great option. A small battery-powered emitter that you can safely lock in your vehicle to ward off birds. The sound emitter will make a noise that keeps the birds away. The downside is that sound emitters can be expensive. This option of scaring away birds from nesting is especially effective if the car is sat in one place for an extended period of time. 


  • Strong scents

Peppermint oil, cayenne pepper and chilli flakes are well known scents that deter birds away. To use these scents to stop birds from nesting in your car, soak a cotton bud in the scent and put it in locations birds would usually nest. The smell will repel birds from the area and there won’t be any nests under the hood of your car.


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Birds Nesting in Cars in Hamilton

There are thousands of stories online about cars catching on fire due to a bird nesting in their car. It is dangerous and can be prevented. Don’t lose your car to a bird’s nest, and take some precautions. 

If you do find a bird’s nest has done damage to your vehicle bring it into Grimmer Motors! At Grimmer Motors we have experienced and reliable mechanics that will be able to remove the birds nest and repair your car.
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