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Vehicle Lost Power – Diagnostics & Repair

What causes a loss of engine power? If your vehicle is struggling to get up to speed, you are likely...


High Idling Levels – Inspection & Repair

About high idle levels: High idle levels (or rough idling) occurs when the engine is revving too fast when it...


Vehicle Speedometer Not Working – Inspection & Repair

How does the speedometer work? A speedometer is a device that measures driveshaft activity to determine your vehicle’s speed. This...


Cruise Control Not Working – Inspection & Repair

How does cruise control work? Cruise control is a convenient feature that is present in many modern vehicles. It allows...


Car has Slow Acceleration – Inspection & Repair

What causes a car to accelerate slowly? Inside your vehicle are various parts that help deliver fuel to the engine....


Preparing your Car for a Summer Road Trip

New Zealanders love road trips. Whether we’re taking trips to the beach or travelling the country with friends, our cars...


Pass your Restricted Driving Test the First Time

According to a recent report, the average pass rate for restricted licences in New Zealand was 58%. Due to the...


Long Distance Driving – Staying Safe

It has been proven that driving for long periods of time can cause fatigue. Follow these tips to stay safe...


On July 1st, Car Registrations will be Cheaper

On July 1st, several new government policies will be implemented in New Zealand. One of these policies affects a drop...


Driving in extreme weather

During the winter, driving in New Zealand can be dangerous. This is due to fog, rain and early sunsets. Learn...

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