Wherever you travel, the risk of paint chipping and scratches on your vehicle is ever-present. No matter how careful you are, there may be small damages to your paint job that are out of your control. But not to worry; paint touch up are easy with paint pens.

What can cause paint chipping?

Every time your car gets on the road, there’s a chance an imperfection might occur in the paint. These are some of the most common causes, some of which you can take steps to avoid.

Highway Driving- Driving on the highway can make your car more susceptible to paint damage. Due to the high speeds, any object that comes into contact with your vehicle will be hitting it with more force than if you were

Small scratch paint pens could touch up.

on a normal road. Pebbles may chip paint near the bottom of the car, and anything in the air on the highway could cause a scratch.

Dirt– There are more reasons to keep your car sparkling clean other than appearance. Dirt, if left to build up, can cause damage to the paint over time. To avoid this, keep the exterior of your car clean with regular cleans. Getting your car serviced with Grimmer Motors gets you a free wash, along with the routine maintenance you should consider anyway!

Parking Lot Mishaps- The parking lot can be an especially troublesome place for your car’s paint. With shopping carts, other vehicles packed together, and car doors, there are many ways scratches and chips might occur. While these mishaps might not cause dents or major damage, they may require some small paint touch-ups.

What kind of paint chipping can be touched up?

The good news about the types of paint chipping above is that they can all be touched up with paint pens. The types of damage that can be touched are:

  • small scratches
  • longer scratches (if shallow)
  • chips from rocks
  • impact which did not cause dents

However, some paint cannot be touched up with pens. If damage like the types mentioned has occurred, a more intensive paint job might be needed. Some of these instances include:

Rust- If your car has exterior rusting, paint pens will not be able to touch this up. Instead, your will need to get rust repairs.

Long, Deep Scratches- While long shallow scratches can be touched up with paint, if the scratches are deep it will require more work.

Scuffing- If the paint has been damaged due to friction or scuffing, the surface may not be smooth. Because of this, the paint will not be able to cover it up, and again more will need to be done to repair it.

Why use paint pens?

Getting your paint fully retouched may cost more than is necessary; instead, it may be easier and more affordable to touch up with paint pens. There are tons of colors to choose from, so if the scratch is minor, paint pens will turn out looking just as good as a full paint job. Once the car’s paint is matched, the rest of the job can be taken from there.

Car Touch Up Paint Pens in Hamilton

Has your car experienced minor paint damage you would like touched up? If so, we can help!

Grimmer Motors can touch up small imperfections to company and personal cars using paint pens, getting your car back in better condition. Services from Grimmer Motors also mean professional, easy, and affordable repairs. Our highly experienced and skilled team, gives you peace of mind that you can trust your car is in good hands. For high-quality car servicing in Hamilton, contact Grimmer Motors today!

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