As a car owner, there may be times when you need to spend some time away from your vehicle. This could be because you are going on a long vacation, or maybe temporarily living in a new location, or maybe it is not the car you drive day today. Whatever the case, if you need to leave your car, it is best to keep it stored safely. Here are some tips to ensure your car is kept in the best condition possible while you are away. 

What should I do when storing my car? 

The first thing to do is to find a safe and dry place to store the car. 

There are a few things to take into account when choosing such a location. The first is how accessible the location needs to be. If your car still needs to be used occasionally, it would be best that  

A car left sitting with rust.

the storage is nearby.

Another important factor in choosing a location is the climate. It is important to have a dry, climate-controlled space to avoid rusting. 

Another important thing to do is change the car oil. 

If the car is being stored long-term, getting your oil changed is a good idea. This is because if the engine oil is dirty, it begins to thicken over time. When you get your car back, this may make it difficult to start your car back up again. Find out more about oil change servicing from Grimmer Motors. 


You should also fill your gas tank and consider adding a stabiliser. 

This should be considered if you plan to store your car for two months or more. This is because filling your fuel tank prevents rusting inside. You may also want to add stabiliser to the petrol. A stabiliser preserves the petrol which protects the fuel system from damage (see more on the proportions for fuel stabiliser here).


To keep full tyres pressures, place tyre jacks under the tires.

As any car owner knows, new tires can be expensive. To avoid coming back to a car with flat tyres or flat spots, use tyre jacks to take the pressure of your car off your car’s wheels. 


Cleanliness of the vehicle is important before you leave it. 

If the outside of your car is dirty, it is more prone to corrosion and damage to the car’s finish as the dirt can eat away at the exterior. To avoid this, consider washing and waxing the outside. If the inside of the car is dirty, the bacteria from dirt, food, or other particles that may be around can cause mold to grow. Give the interior a thorough clean to prevent this. 


Dry your car thoroughly before storing

If you have washed your car and wheel, make sure you dry your car off well and go for a 10 minute dry to completely dry off your brakes. Otherwise, after storage, you might find your brake rotors have rusted up, or even worse your brake calipers could have seized on due to rust. If you can leave your car in park and leave the hand brake off.


Make sure rodents can not get to your car

We see many vehicles where birds, mice, and rats have found their way up under the bonnet and made nests, especially in winter and spring. Rats are the worst as they loved to chew on the cars’ pipes and wiring, often doing hundreds or thousands of dollars of damage. So be very careful that you are storing your car safely away from rodents, and put rodent traps around (or have a really hungry cat!)


You may also want to disconnect the battery.

Even while the car is being unused, the car battery can leak acid while sitting without being started. This acid can corrode the inner parts of the car. By disconnecting the battery, you prevent this kind of damage to your vehicle. The battery can also discharge over time due to continuous small current draws from the car, such as alarm systems and other electrical parts. This means you may come back to a flat and ruined car battery if you leave it connected for weeks/months without using the car. Please be aware you will need to reprogram your clock and radio after you disconnect your car battery. 


To keep the car clean, use a car cover.

This advice applies even if your car is stored in a safe location. A car cover will ensure the car is kept clean from things that may fall on it while you are away, which prevents corrosion, damage to the paint finish.


Checking car when out of storage with Grimmer Motors in Hamilton 

Are you planning to keep your car in storage? Cars can change their condition while in storage via rust, corrosion, and parts seizing in place. . Once your car is out of storage Grimmer Motors can help with any check over or repairs you need! For friendly, quick, and skilled mechanical service, contact Grimmer Motors today! 


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