On July 1st, several new government policies will be implemented in New Zealand. One of these policies affects a drop in the price of registering a vehicle. The price drop is expected to save New Zealand motorists about $113 million in the next two years.

July 1st will mark the third annual decrease in rego prices, with the price expected to continue falling over the next few years.

So who will save the most? Find out below.

Petrol Vehicles:

The majority of NZ motorists drive petrol vehicles, and will save a small amount of money due to the changes made. The average price of registering your petrol vehicle will drop from $130,65 to $113.94.

Electric Vehicles:

If you are an electric vehicle owner, you are in luck. Depending on the type of car you own, you could be paying as little as $17.00 a year to have your vehicle registered. This is due to the government encouraging the reduction of CO2 emissions in our atmosphere.


Unfortunately for motorcycle drivers, there won’t be any changes to the registration price you currently pay.



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