How do power wing mirrors work?

A power / electric mirror is a mirror that can be electrically adjusted from inside your car. In most cars with power mirrors, each mirror has two small motors. One motor moves the mirror vertically whereas the other moves it horizontally. The switches that control these motors are connected to your car’s battery via fuses. When the switches are activated, the circuit between the switch and the motors is completed. This allows electricity to flow to the mirror motor and move the mirror according to your adjustments.

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Your left and right electric mirrors are crucial to your safety. They allow you to make lane changes safely, perform parallel parks and gain a better view of your surroundings. For this reason, it is important that they are adjusted to suit you.

Additionally, functional car mirrors are a requirement for passing your Warrant of Fitness in New Zealand. For this reason, it is important that they are in good condition.

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What causes power / electric side mirror issues:

  • Electrical connection problems: Loose or damaged electrical connections can disrupt the power supply to the side mirrors, resulting in malfunctioning or non-responsive mirrors. Corrosion, loose wires, or faulty connectors can contribute to electrical connection issues.
  • Blown fuse: A blown fuse in the vehicle’s fuse box can cause the power side mirrors to stop working. Fuses protect electrical circuits from overload, and if a fuse related to the side mirrors blows, it needs to be replaced.
  • Faulty mirror switch: The mirror control switch, located on the driver’s side door panel, allows you to adjust the position of the side mirrors. A malfunctioning or worn-out switch can prevent the mirrors from moving or adjusting properly.
  • Mirror motor failure: The power side mirrors are equipped with small electric motors that control their movement. Over time, these motors can wear out or fail, resulting in non-functional or erratic mirror movement.
  • Wiring issues: Damaged or frayed wiring harnesses that connect the side mirrors to the vehicle’s electrical system can cause power mirror problems. Wiring damage can occur due to accidents, wear and tear, or improper installation of aftermarket accessories.
  • Mirror control module failure: In some vehicles, a control module or electronic module controls the operation of the power side mirrors. If the module malfunctions or fails, it can lead to mirror-related issues.
  • External damage or impact: Damage to the side mirrors caused by accidents, vandalism, or impact with objects can affect their electrical components, resulting in power mirror problems. Broken mirror housings, cracked glass, or physical damage can interfere with the mirror’s functionality.


What to do if your power mirrors are stuck inwards?

If your side mirrors are stuck inwards, it can affect your visibility while driving. Getting the issue fixed to provide the necessary field of view is crucial for safe driving, so it’s important to address the issue promptly.

  • Inspect the fuse: Check the fuse related to the power mirrors in the vehicle’s fuse box. If the fuse is blown, replace it with a new fuse of the correct rating. Consult your vehicle’s owner’s manual or fuse box cover for the location and rating of the fuse.
  • Try manually adjusting the mirrors: Some power mirrors have a manual adjustment option using a small knob or lever on the mirror housing. Attempt to manually adjust the mirrors by using this feature. If they move manually, it could indicate a problem with the power mirror motor or the electrical components.
  • Bring your car to a mechanic – If the above steps do not resolve the issue and your power mirrors remain stuck inwards, it is recommended to have your vehicle inspected by a qualified mechanic. At Grimmer Motors, we provide easy, reiable and effective fixes for this issue.


Car Power Side / Wing Mirror Diagnostics and Replacement in Hamilton

Are the power mirrors in your car not working? If so, we can help! Depending on your car mirror’s wiring, our team of mechanics can test, diagnose and fix a variety of issues in the power electric mirrors. This will allow them to move properly at all times. Whether it’s a blown fuse, a faulty switch or damaged motor, we can replace all the necessary components in your car’s power mirror system.

For power/electric mirror replacement, servicing and diagnostics in Hamilton, contact Grimmer Motors today!