If your car heater fan is making a rattling noise, chances are something is wrong and it will need to be fixed. Before you can find out what needs to be fixed, you first need to find out what is causing it.

What is causing my heater fan to rattle?

To determine the cause of your heater fan rattling you need to start by determining if it is coming from inside the car or under the hood. Usually it is coming from under the hood and is caused by a faulty engine component.

Some common causes of heater fan rattles are:


  • Left over glass from a broken windscreen: glass that has gone done into the heater vents from a broken window or windscreen can be really annoying and difficult to stop without pulling out all the heater pipes and vents to clear out the broken glass.


  • Debris left on the dash board: sometimes people leave small items on their cars dashboard, which can fall into the heater ducts when turn corners and with general car movement.


  • Children poke things into the vents: sometimes young children will innocently poke small items into the vents on your dashboard. These small objects fall down into the heater piping and can rattle around as air is blown across them.


  • A faulty AC compressor: If the noise is coming from inside the engine bay it could be The AC compressor. The AC compressor is an important part of your vehicle’s air conditioning system. Since it is heavily used it is subject to normal wear and tear that you would expect from any major vehicle component. It could be the source of your rattling problem and need to be replaced.


  • Loose brackets and bolts: Sometimes the brackets and bolts that mount your heater will become loose and will need to be tightened or replaced by your mechanic. It’s best to get this checked out ASAP as a loose component may cause even bigger problems if it is not fixed.


  • A faulty blower motor: If the noise is coming from inside your car then you probably have a faulty blower motor. The blower motor is an important component within your AC system. Sometimes loose debris can get stuck in it, which can cause a rattling or vibrating sound. This noise will be present every time you turn your AC on. Your mechanic will be able to check it over to make sure it is working correctly.

These are some of the common things that cause your heater’s fan to rattle, but it could be something else. The best thing to do is have your mechanic check it out and get to the bottom of the cause.


Should I get my heater fan fixed if it is rattling?

If your car heater fan is rattling, then you should have it checked out by your mechanic. It will not go away by itself and will probably become worse over time, not to mention its annoying driving along with a rattling sound!

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