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Picture yourself driving down a dark road on a rainy or foggy night. Your visibility is already limited, but it’s worse if the lenses on your car’s headlights have begun to oxidize and get hazy or clouded over. Dim headlights aren’t just a cosmetic defect. They can severely limit your vision of the road at night by reducing the light output and spread that is produced. Fortunately, cleaning foggy, oxidised headlights is a simple, straightforward process that we are happy to help with.

How do foggy headlights affect driver safety?


Why have your car’s headlights become blurry?

In the past, headlights were made out of glass. However, this isn’t the case anymore. They are now made out of hard polycarbonate plastics that are specially made for spreading light effectively. When you buy a car brand new, the lights will have a protective coating. This coating will work for a few years until it eventually wears and begins letting moisture through.

Oxidisation occurs when the lenses in your car’s lights are exposed to contaminants and moisture. This causes the lights to become dim and foggy, reducing their range and visibility. A thorough headlight clean will restore your car’s headlights to close to their original level of brightness and clarity, allowing you to see further and more clearly. This will improve your safety while driving at night.


Car Headlight Cleaning & Polish in Hamilton

Are your car’s headlights foggy, dim or discoloured? If so, we can help! At Grimmer Motors, we can perform a high-quality restoration on your car’s headlights. This will make them shine just like new. Improve your vision of the road at night by getting your headlights cleaned today!

As well as headlight cleaning, we can also perform a headlight adjustment, plus headlight repair or replacement for broken headlights and bulbs.

For headlight adjustment,  cleaning and restoration services in Hamilton, contact Grimmer Motors today!


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