About the exhaust muffler:

Mufflers are an important sound reduction device found in the exhaust systems for all cars with combustion engines. When your car’s engine burns fuel, your exhaust valves rapidly open to release highly pressurized gas. As the gas is released, loud noises are produced as exhaust emissions move through your exhaust system.

The purpose of the muffler is to capture and dampen the sounds created by your exhaust system. Inside a muffler, you will find a set of tubes and chambers. These tubes and chambers are designed to reflect the sound waves produced by the engine and cancel them out to quieten the noise. 

A properly working muffler is a requirement for Warrant of Fitness (WOF) tests in New Zealand. If the muffler has been removed, impaired or isn’t working properly, your car may fail a Warrant of Fitness.

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What causes a shaking exhaust muffler?

A shaking / rattling muffler is usually caused by something repeatedly hitting the exhaust pipe. There are several problems that can cause this. These include:

  • Loose muffler due to insecure mounting brakets – The muffler is typically attached to the vehicle’s undercarriage using mounting brackets. If these brackets become loose or damaged, they may not be able to hold the muffler securely in place, causing it to shake.
  • Misalignment – When part of your exhaust system mounts begin to wear or fail, they can become misaligned from the rest of the exhaust system. This can cause loud vibrations and rattling
  • Incorrect installation  If an exhaust repair was previously carried out incorrectly, you may experience loud rattling and shaking.
  • Internal failure of muffler parts – The muffler contains internal components, such as baffles and chambers, that are designed to reduce noise and direct exhaust gases. If these internal components become loose or broken, they can create imbalance and cause the muffler to shake.
  • Clogged catalytic converter – The catalytic converter can become blocked and need to be replaced. This may cause vibrations in your exhaust system. Catalytic converter replacement in Hamilton >
  • General wear and tear of the exhaust system – Over time, the muffler may experience wear and tear, especially in regions with harsh weather conditions or corrosive environments. Rust, corrosion, or weakened connections can contribute to a shaking muffler.


How important is this repair?

As well as being a major annoyance while you are driving, a loose or failed muffler can allow excessive movement in other exhaust components. This can lead to parts wearing more quickly.

If the muffler is loose, it can also hang downwards, making contact with the road when you go over bumps. This can lead to an uncomfortable ride, as well as increased wear on the muffler and surrounding components.

For these reasons, we recommend that you get the muffler inspected by a mechanic. This way, any problems that can worsen over time will be identified.


Exhaust Muffler Repairs in Hamilton

Is your car in need of an exhaust muffler inspection or repair? If so, we can help!

At Grimmer Motors, our team of skilled mechanics can quickly diagnose the cause of your shaking/rattling muffler. We can then provide high-quality repairs for your muffler that you can count on. If you have failed a Warrant of Fitness due to muffler-related problems, we can also fix these issues and get your car back up to the correct WOF standards.

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