What is the distributor?

The distributor is an important ignition component that is used in many combustion engines. Its role is to direct electrical current from the ignition coil into the spark plugs, allowing the spark plugs to ignite the air/fuel mixture in the engine. Without a functional distributor in your car, the fuel will not be ignited in the engine cylinders and the engine will not be able to run. A damaged distributor, distributor cap or distributor rotor will need to be replaced in order to restore proper function to your car’s ignition system.

The distributor cap is the cover for your car’s distributor system. On older engines high voltage energy is passed to each of the distributor cap high tension spark plug wires via the distributor rotor. Due to the very high voltages where the spark has to jump from the distributor rotor to the distributor cap high voltage pins for each high tension spark plug leads the distributor cap can become damaged or corroded, meaning that a distributor cap replacement may be necessary.  

In severe cases you may see signs of arcing on the sides of the distributor cap, as the high voltage spark finds an easier way to ground rather than via the spark plugs.


Symptoms of a faulty distributor:

Misfiring engine – When the distributor is not working correctly, the electric current will not be able to reach the spark plugs. This will prevent fuel from burning correctly, resulting in a misfiring engine. 

Car not starting – If the distributor is unable to transmit any energy to the spark plugs, the fuel will not ignite and the engine will be unable to start. When you turn your keys, you will hear a the engine wind over but the engine will not start. 

Increased fuel consumption – When fuel is not burnt correctly, it will go to waste. This will cause your car to use more fuel than normal. You may also notice an increase of black exhaust smoke as the unburnt fuel leaves your vehicle.

Engine vibrates or runs rough – sometimes the engine will not be running on all cylinders. For example sometime only one section of the distributor cap is faulty causing one of more engine cylinders to stop firing. This means the engine will sound rough at idle and may vibrate more.


Car Distributor Repair & Replacement in Hamilton

Is your car’s distributor, distributor cap or distributor rotor in need of replacement? If so, we can help!

At Grimmer Motors, we can provide distributor testing and diagnostics. This allows us to easily determine what is wrong with your distributor and ignition system. If the distributor is the problem, we can replace the component for you, installing a new distributor and allowing your car to run as it should.

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