Are your brakes pulling to one side?

For optimum road safety, it is important that your brakes function correctly. If your brakes are pulling your vehicle left or right, it can be the sign of a problem in your braking system. Brake problems should be inspected and fixed as soon as possible.


Causes of brakes pulling to one side:

There are several different problems that can cause your brakes to pull to one side when they are applied. These problems vary in severity. Due to the variety of causes, some brake-related problems can often be difficult to diagnose. We recommend that you bring your vehicle to a qualified, experienced and honest mechanic for a proper diagnosis.

Broken or stuck brake caliper –  
The brake caliper fits over the rotor like a clamp. If the brake caliper becomes stuck, your vehicle will pull to one side while braking.

Likewise a brake wheel cylinder pushes the brake shoes out against the brake drum via its pistons. If one sides brake wheel cylinder pistons are seized or partially seized out, then the brake shoes linings will be pushed against the brake drum causing drag and pulling the car towards that side.

Different sized tyres fitted – if the diameter of the tyres fitted to the vehicle are different then one tyre will rotate faster then the other which can cause the vehicle to pull to one side under braking

Directional tyres fitted the wrong way around – many modern tyres are directional, meaning they must be fitted one way around on the wheel rim. If directional tyres are fitted the wrong way around they could cause the vehicle to tend to pull one direction, left or right under braking.

Difference in tyre pressures – if the tyre pressures are uneven, especially on the front wheels, then the vehicle may pull / drift to one side under braking.

Damaged suspension components – if parts such as shock absorbers, ball joints and suspension bushings are worn, the angle of the wheel can change when the brakes are applied causing the vehicle to dive to one side under braking.

One brake weaker than other side – one side brake wheel cylinder or brake caliper may not be applying as much pressure as the other side, causing the car to pull to one side

Air in the brake system – if air enters the braking system and brake fluid, it can cause brakes to not function correctly and can cause the brake to pull the car to one side.

Worn brake pads or rotors – The brake rotors and pads work together to create friction. This causes your vehicle to stop. Over time, the brake rotors can become warped or bent. The brake pads can also become worn and lose effectiveness. Problems with either of these components can cause your car to pull to one side when the brakes are applied.


Damaged brake hose –  damaged brake hose can cause other brake components to operate incorrectly. On rare occasions the brake hose can collapse internally and act like a one way valve, applying brake fluid pressure to the brakes but not fully releasing it.

This can often cause the vehicle to swerve to one side when the brakes are applied.




Brake Diagnostics and Replacement Services in Hamilton

Is your car swerving to one side when you brake? If so, we can help!

It is important that your brakes function correctly. They allow you to safely stop your vehicle. At Grimmer Motors, we can inspect, diagnose and replace all sorts of brake-related parts in your vehicle. 

When you bring your car to Grimmer Motors, our experienced, qualified and trustworthy mechanics can offer you fast, quality advice and replacement work you can rely on. For brake services in Hamilton, contact us today!


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