About car alarm installation

Car alarms consist of an array of sensors which monitor motion and pressure. These sensors are connected to a control unit that controls the alarm sirens and actives/deactivates the sensors when the alarm button is pressed on your car’s key fob.

Installing an aftermarket car alarm can significantly improve your car’s security. The alarm siren can deter and scare off thieves, protecting your valuable contents from theft. Cars without alarms or immobilisers are also at a much higher risk of being stolen.

Faulty car alarms can also produce a variety of annoying and inconvenient symptoms. Replacing a faulty alarm can also improve security and prevent increased battery drain.

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Symptoms of a faulty car alarm:

Battery drain – Car alarms use a tiny amount of battery power to remain active when the car is turned off. It will normally take over two weeks for an alarm to fully deplete the battery (when the car is left off). Faulty or incorrectly installed car alarms can quickly drain your car of battery power, resulting in a flat battery if your car is left off for a few days.

This symptom can also be caused by a battery that is due for replacement.

Car alarm goes off for no reason – Sometimes, a faulty car alarm will sound the sirens for no reason. This can often be caused by problems with the wiring, or cheap/damaged alarm sensors.

Car alarm won’t go off – Bad wiring or incorrect installation can lead to the alarm not going off when it should. This will compromise the security of your car.

Car alarm cannot be armed/disarmed – If your car alarm cannot be activated by your key fob, the battery in the key fob or the alarm itself  may need to be replaced.


Common causes of a car alarm not working properly:

  • Faulty sensors: The sensors that detect motion, vibration, or changes in the environment may become faulty due to age, wear, or damage, leading to false alarms or failure to detect actual threats.
  • Wiring issues: Faulty wiring connections or damaged wiring can cause problems with the alarm system, preventing it from working properly.
  • Malfunctioning control unit: The control unit is the brain of the alarm system and can malfunction due to age or damage, leading to false alarms or failure to detect actual threats.
  • Remote control issues: The remote control may malfunction due to a dead battery, water damage, or other issues, preventing it from communicating with the control unit.
  • Fuse problems: If a fuse in the car’s electrical system that powers the alarm system blows, the alarm may not work properly.
  • Poor installation: If the alarm system was not installed correctly or was installed using poor-quality components, it may not work properly.


New Car Alarm Installation in Hamilton

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At Grimmer Motors, we can install a new car alarm in your car. This will improve the security of your vehicle and stop thieves from trying to break in.

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