What parts of your brakes need servicing?

Brake fluid – Brake fluid plays a very important role in your braking system. It allows for the building of hydraulic pressure, which helps your brakes work correctly. Brake fluid should be replaced once every two years.

Brake rotors/discs – The brake rotors are spinning discs located near your wheels. When the brakes are applied, the brake pads press against the rotors/discs. This creates friction, causing your car to stop. Over time, the rotors can become thin or warped. This will cause your vehicle’s braking to be less effective. When brake rotors show signs of age or damage, they should be replaced.

Brake pads – The brake pads press against the rotors to slow down or stop your vehicle. The brake pads wear out over time and become thinner, reducing the effectiveness of your braking system. Brake pads should be replaced when they start to wear.

Brake drums & shoes – Older vehicles use brake drums and shoes rather than rotors and pads. These can also wear over time, meaning they will need to be replaced.

ABS system  – Your ABS system is what prevents your car’s wheels from locking when you brake. If the ABS light is on, one or more ABS components may need replacement.

Parking brake – Inside the parking brake are several components that can malfunction. These include the parking brake itself, the parking brake cable, the brake shoe and the release cable. If your parking brake is stuck or not working, you should try avoid driving. This can cause more damage to your car.

Other components – Your car’s braking system has several other components that may need replacing. These include the brake lines, proportioning valve, brake caliper and vacuum brake booster. Your mechanic will be able to identify if any of these parts need replacement.


Why is brake servicing important?

All drivers find themselves in situations where they need to stop quickly, even if they are not in the wrong. As brake components fail, the time it takes for your vehicle to stop will increase. This can increase the risk of accidents and collisions. 

.All of your braking system must be in correct working in order to pass your Warrant of Fitness (WoF).


Hamilton’s Brake Experts

Are you looking for reliable, high-quality, reputable, experienced brake repairs in Hamilton? If so, Grimmer Motors offers brake services you can count on. 

We currently offer brake repairs for the following components

  • Brake Master cylinder repair / replacement
  • Brake fluid flushing and replacement
  • Replacement of brake rotors / discs
  • Fixing brake squealing
  • Hand brake adjustment
  • Brake cable repair or replacement
  • Brake shoes replacement
  • Brake wheel cylinder replacement
  • Brake shoe adjustment
  • Replacement of brake pads[/col2]
  • Brake caliper repair / replacement
  • Brake hose replacement
  • Brake line, brake tube replacement
  • Brake shoes replacement
  • Brake fluid bleeding (we can often use our scan tools for this)
  • ABS brake repairs
  • ABS pump replacement
  • ABS brake modulator valves
  • Brake pressure modulators
  • Brake vacuum booster[/col2]

and much more.

For reliable brake repairs in Hamilton, contact Grimmer Motors today!


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