About the brake light switch:

Brake light play an important role in your car’s safety by alerting others when your vehicle is slowing down. They allow other drivers to adjust their following distance when you brake, preventing rear end crashes from occurring. As well as being an important safety feature, brake lights are also a Warrant of Fitness requirement in New Zealand.

Attached to the brake pedal is a brake light switch (sometimes people spell break light switch). When the brake pedal is pressed down, the switch enables an electrical connection between the pedal and the lights. In many cars, the brake light switch is visible underneath the dash and near the top of the brake pedal.


Causes of brake lights not working

Damaged car brake switch wiring – Sometimes, the wiring that connects the brake switch to your brake pedal can become damaged, resulting in the brake lights not turning on.

Loose, misaligned or unattached car brake light switch – A loose or unattached car brake light switch may not work properly. This can happen due to incorrect installation, or the brake light switch being knocked around and coming loose.

Damaged car brake light switch – since the car brake light switch normally has moving parts and a spring, it can break internally and stop working. In this case the car brake light switch will need to be replaced.

Corroded terminals on car brake light switch – corroded terminals on car brake light switch can prevent it working and prevent your brake lights from turning on.


Symptoms of a broken brake light switch:

Brake lights not turning on – If the brake light switch doesn’t work, the brake lights will fail to turn on. This is a safety risk as it prevents other cars from knowing when you are applying your brakes.

Brake lights not turning off – if the car brake light switch is stuck in the on position , then you car brake lights might be on permanently, meaning that drivers behind won’t be able to tell when you are braking.

Intermittent brake lights – if your car brake lights work sometimes, it is most likely a sticking car brake light switch, which might be able to cleaned with electrical switch cleaner, or the the car brake light switch may need to be replaced.

Car won’t shift out of park gear – In some cases, the brake light switch can prevent the car from switching out of the park into drive or reverse. This is usually because the brake must be applied to shift out of park, and if the circuit linking the brake and brake light switch to the transmission is damaged by a faulty brake light switch, then your car won’t be able to go into gear.
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New Car Brake Light Switch & Replacement in Hamilton

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At Grimmer Motors, our talented and experienced mechanics can diagnose problems in your car’s braking system. We can also replace faulty brake lights and similar components. If we determine that a faulty brake light switch is the cause of your problem, we can install a new car brake light switch, which will keep the brake lights working correctly at all times. 

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